14 healthy 30-minute meals

Need to get dinner ready in a hurry? Forget about take-out’these healthy meals will be ready and on your table in 30 minutes or less

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chicken strips

Baked Chicken Strips with Mango Salad

No need to order when you can make these delicious baked chicken strips with a mango side salad in about 30 minutes.


Get the recipe: Baked Chicken Strips with Mango Salad

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Frittata Florentine

Frittata Florentine

Serve this elegant egg dish with a green salad and a glass of sparkling wine. Frittata Florentine is also a delicious brunch entrée.


Get the recipe: Frittata Florentine

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Pork & Apple Stir Fry

Serve this lean pork and apple stir-fry with brown rice and a glass of merlot.


Get the recipe: Pork & Apple Stir Fry

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pizza primavera

Pizza Primavera

Savour the flavours of feta cheese, olives and herbs in this pizza primavera, and pour a glass of Sangiovese wine.


Get the recipe: Pizza Primavera

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Jerk Chicken Salad

This tasty and healthy salad twist on jerk chicken can be put together in just 30 minutes.


Get the recipe: Jerk Chicken Salad

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beet salad

Beet and Feta Salad

Don’t have a microwave? Roast the beets for this salad in the oven for about an hour instead.


Get the recipe: Beet and Feta Salad

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couscous salad

Couscous and Squash Salad

This quick-to-make salad matches chewy Israeli couscous with super-nutritious squash and walnuts. Try pairing it with a crisp Chardonnay.


Get the recipe: Couscous and Squash Salad

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Vegetable Couscous

This low-cal, high-protein, quick-fix vegetable couscous is guaranteed to impress.


Get the recipe: Vegetable Couscous

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Pasta with Peas and Pancetta

This pasta dish with peas and pancetta is the perfect mix of sweet, salty and superb-and healthy, too.


Get the recipe: Pasta with Peas and Pancetta

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moroccan turkey

Moroccan Turkey Skillet

This quick-to-make Moroccan dish is sure to please turkey lovers.


Get the recipe: Moroccan Turkey Skillet

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beef stir fry

Beef and Sweet Potato Stir-Fry

Craving takeout? Whip up this tasty beef and sweet potato stir-fry in less time than it takes to call in an order.


Get the recipe: Beef and Sweet Potato Stir-Fry

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Moroccan Apricot & Almond Chicken

Moroccan Apricot & Olive Chicken

This quick-to-make chicken dish is lightly spiced and served atop couscous.


Get the recipe: Moroccan Apricot & Olive Chicken

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potato couscous

One-Pot Sweet-Potato Couscous

This quick and easy weeknight couscous dish blends green beans and cubed sweet potato with the flavours of raisins, feta cheese and walnuts.


Get the recipe: One-Pot Sweet-Potato Couscous

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pork chops

Southwest Pork Chops

Brighten up a meal of pork chops with a medley of tomatoes, zucchini, corn and black beans.


Get the recipe: Southwest Pork Chops

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More delicious 30-minute meals

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