3 easy, elegant meals

Why wait until you’re at a nice restaurant to enjoy these elegant meals? They’re easy to make at home

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Easy and elegant home cooking

A recent trip to British Columbia on a culinary exchange with my students inspired the recipes for this issue. These meals are impressive to serve to guests, but they’re so simple to make they work for a casual night in, too.

Smoked salmon is low in fat and high in B vitamins, and the root vegetable salad takes advantage of harvest time. Lamb may be something you end up having only occasionally, but while lean cuts like leg and loin are higher in saturated fat than other lean red meats, lamb is a great source of protein, zinc and B vitamins. (And my recipe takes advantage of the season’s ripe tomatoes!) As for mussels, while they may seem intimidating to prepare, they are actually super-easy. This dish is great for entertaining because you can do the prep ahead of time, then slip away from your guests to steam them in just a couple of minutes.

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smoked salmon

Smoked Salmon ?with Roasted ?Vegetable Salad

Fresh smoked salmon is one of my favourite foods, but it’s high in sodium, so if you are watching your intake, this salad is good without it, too. The goat cheese adds a wonderful flavour, but low-fat ricotta or feta can also be used.


Get the recipe: Smoked Salmon ?with Roasted ?Vegetable Salad

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grilled lamb

Grilled Lamb with Warm Mint-Yogurt Potato Salad

While lamb’s flavour is a bit stronger than other meats, it makes a moist and delicious main course. And not all lamb is from New Zealand; we have wonderful fresh Canadian lamb available in grocery stores and butcher shops across the country.


Get the recipe: Grilled Lamb with Warm Mint-Yogurt Potato Salad

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Mussels with Herbs and White Wine

Mussels are rich in protein, minerals and vitamins B and C, low in fat and cholesterol, and a great source of omega-3s. This recipe takes advantage of the fresh herbs that are plentiful at this time of year; they add wonderful flavour and colour to the dish.


Get the recipe: Mussels with Herbs and White Wine


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