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How the HIV/AIDs Epidemic in Canada Changed My Family’s Life Forever

Melanie Brooks’s father was infected with HIV from contaminated blood in the mid-1980s. He decided to keep his illness a secret, and died 10 years later. Brooks’s candid memoir, A Hard Silence, looks at the consequences of her family’s secret-keeping and, in this excerpt, interrogates the stigma and discrimination that played into their decision to hide the truth.

It’s Time for Some Self-Love—Here Are 6 Ways Masturbation Is Good for You

A little self-love could be the cure to what ails you. Here, an expert shares how masturbation can help your...

What’s the Best Way to Deal with Anxiety?

Are you worried, restless, or having trouble concentrating most of the time? It could be anxiety. This common mental health...

This Basketball League Is Breaking the Gender Barrier

Thanks to Hoopqueens, more people are heading back to the court.

How to Set Boundaries With Family Without Feeling Guilty

As millennials and Gen Z embrace therapy-speak and set boundaries with family, their baby boomer parents might wonder what’s going...

How Can We Help Girls Build Confidence So They Want to Stay in Sports?

Forty-five percent of teenage girls drop out of sports (which is twice the rate of boys) because they don't feel...

What Is Rebound COVID, and Does Paxlovid Play a Role?

We asked infectious diseases physician Michael Gardam, who’s the medical director of infection control at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto...

20 Holiday Gifts That Give Back

Make holiday shopping more meaningful this season with these Canadian gifts that give a portion or all of their proceeds...

So Many Women Are Listening to Audio Porn Right Now—And You May Want to, Too

Why do some women prefer audio porn over video? Because it better aligns with how they get off.

30ish Wellness Gifts for Everyone in Your Life

Stumped on how to spoil the ones you love? Shop this selection of feel-good items that’ll make their...

7 Weird Things That Happen to Your Body When It Starts to Get Dark Out Earlier

Yes, there's SAD (seasonal affective disorder), but also these surprising side effects.

I Found Happiness by Microdosing Magic Mushrooms

Psilocybin helps me manage my anxiety and depression better than anything else I’ve tried.

This Free App Helps Muslims Access Better Mental Health Care

Ruh bridges psychology and faith to make mental health care more accessible for Muslims

Why Is There a Shortage of Family Doctors in Canada?

Over one in five Canadian's don't have a primary care provider.

I Thought I Had a Hangover—A Month Later, I Was Diagnosed With MS

Here’s how one woman was diagnosed in her early twenties, and what she wants others to know about the central...

What Is the “Wall Pilates” Workout Craze?

We asked a certified Pilates instructor to weigh in on this popular exercise routine and rounded up a few of...

This Ontario Farmer Is Reconnecting With Hmong Culture

Judy Ning’s daily movement regime is heavy on manual labour: squatting and weeding, pushing wheelbarrows and harvesting veggies from Paper...

This Is What It’s Like to Terminate a Pregnancy in Your 40s

The pregnancy was unexpected—as were my conflicting and complex emotions as I navigated the healthcare system through miscarriage and a...

Dragon Boating Is Helping Cancer Survivors Thrive

Friendship, determination and a breast cancer diagnosis unites the members of Dragons Abreast

Why Thermal Therapy Is So Hot Right Now

More and more Canadians are adding saunas and hot tubs to their quarters. Here are the health benefits of thermal...

Should I Say Anything About a Friend’s Dramatic Weight Loss?

Maybe you've noticed a friend or acquaintance has lost weight because of Ozempic or another intervention. Is it right to...

8 Foods Not to Eat Before Sex, According to Dietitians

Registered dietitians share the snacks you should skip before your next date night.

Everything You Need to Know About Melatonin Gummies, According to an Expert

Are melatonin gummies as effective as other forms of melatonin? We asked a registered dietitian.

The Science Behind Why Men Always Fall Asleep After Sex

Spoiler alert: It's not a negative sign of your relationship.

Why I’m Getting the HPV Vaccine as a 47-Year-Old Mom of Three

A suddenly steamy sex life has a lot to do with it.

This Ultramarathoner and Mom Is Bringing Reconciliation to the Trail-Running World.

Maggie Wilson wants all runners to know—and honour—whose land they’re racing on.

I Did Water Circuit Therapy While Meditating—And I Felt Transformed

Here's what happened when I did hot and cold plunges at Othership while listening to a guided meditation.

Why I Had a Hysterectomy for Adenomyosis and Fibroids

I wonder what could have happened if my doctors had looked into my symptoms when they first started. Could my...

A Toronto Neurosurgeon Made a Radical Discovery About Brain Cancer

The brain surgeon Gelareh Zadeh discusses a new brain cancer therapy that could buy precious time for terminal patients

Here’s Why Dogs Are Great for Your Health, According to Science

Furry friends do more than sit, stay and fetch—they do wonders for your physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Is Your Brain Fog a Sign of Aging, Sleep Deprivation, Long Covid or Something Else?

Confusion, forgetfulness, an inability to focus—brain fog symptoms can range from annoying to debilitating. But researchers are finding out why...