Find everything you need to live your best life, from advice on how to set healthy boundaries to the best sex toys—including gender-neutral options—available in Canada.

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16 Reasons to Feel Good About The Future of Women’s Health

Here’s what Canadian researchers and clinicians are working on to help diagnose and treat illnesses that impact women the most.

30 Useful Things for the Skeptical Camper

Feel confident rolling up to the campsite with these picks that’ll make a trip into the woods practically cushy.

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One million Canadians play pickleball every single month. Here's what's behind the sudden popularity—and how to get started.

Are Whole-Body MRI Scans Too Good to Be True?

Hiking Isn’t Just Good For Your Body — It’s Great For Your Mind, Too

Sure, a romp around the woods is great for your physical health. But the mental health benefits are also worth...

This Former Olympian Helps Women and Children Find Their Strength

Friba Rezayee teaches judo to women and children in Vancouver. She’s also a relentless advocate for gender equity in Afghanistan,...

Your Liver Is a Silent Superhero—Here’s Why

Are You Coming Right?

When women can't orgasm from male-focussed sex, it's often seen as a problem. Here's why that's so wrong.

I’m a Millennial Who’s Never Been Pregnant—Why Am I Having Pelvic Health Problems?

The surprising things I learned about my pelvic floor and my bathroom habits

What’s the Deal with Ovarian Cysts?

Everyone who ovulates has them—but few of us know what they’re all about.

How I Got to the Bottom of My Sciatica Pain in My Back and Leg

I tried medicines, massages and a full complement of physiotherapists

For Women, There’s a Link Between Burnout and Depression

In All in her Head: How Gender Bias Harms Women’s Mental Health, science writer Misty Pratt explores why women are...

I Thought I Had a Hangover—A Month Later, I Was Diagnosed With MS

Here’s how one woman was diagnosed in her early twenties, and what she wants others to know about the central...

The Amorphous Grief of Losing Your Favourite Friend

Writer Sloane Crosley talks to us about her new book Grief Is for People.

How to Fix Canada’s Loneliness Epidemic, According to a Public Health Expert

Loneliness is as bad for our bodies as 15 daily cigarettes

This Hockey Mom Will Motivate You to Get on the Rink

Seija Parnanen-Matthews was inspired to hit the ice
when her oldest son started hockey. Being a role model for her kid...

How We Tend to Organize Our Memories

In this excerpt from Why We Remember, neuroscientist Charan Ranganath explains why ordinary forgetfulness isn’t a sign of decline—and why...

A Woman Not Under the Influence Enjoys an App Date

Writer Briony Smith tries dry dating—and drinks it right up

Can Treating Inflammation Offer Relief From Depression?

Research is starting to uncover a link between inflammation in the body and depression—and taming it might offer hope for...

Here’s a Bra That Helps You Recognize Breast Cancer Symptoms

Love & Nudes filled a gap in the market for women of colour by offering bras that match diverse skin...

How to Stop Committing Sleep Sabotage

Not sleeping well? You might be sabotaging yourself.

What to Do When You’re Feeling Lonely

Even before the pandemic, loneliness was an epidemic, with studies indicating that one in five Canadians identified...

This Beadwork Helps Spread Awareness of Indigenous Issues in Health Care

With her gorgeous beadwork, med student Jamie Thompson creates anatomical works of art—and makes Indigenous hospital patients feel more comfortable.

This Is Why You Should Rethink Your Toilet Paper Purchases

You can’t wipe out climate change with eco-friendly toilet paper alone, but some kinds are better for the environment than...

Are Tampons Safe? Here’s What an OBGYN Wants You to Know

Renowned OB/GYN Jen Gunter has spent decades tackling damaging fallacies about women’s health and calling out companies and practitioners who...

“I Didn’t Know How to Be His Mom Anymore”

In this excerpt from Here With You author Kathy Wagner shares how she supported her son as he...

What’s the Deal with Walking Pads?

Looking at the differences between traditional treadmills and trendy walking pads

8 Products That’ll Help You Get Great Sleep and Wake Up Happy

You’re going to spend one-third of the year sleeping in bed. Let’s make it a dreamy place.

How Sexism Helped Our Species Thrive

Science writer Cat Bohannon’s new book is a user’s guide to the female...

My Honest Review of the Carol Bike’s Five-Minute Workout

I tried a very short REHIT fitness regime, and asked experts to weigh in on its effectiveness.