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It checks for three common winter illnesses and may help families avoid the ER

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It's important, especially as we age, to work on our balancing skills. Here's how to get started

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Meditation apps are everywhere. They purport to bring mindfulness and a mental health boost straight to your phone. But, do...

We Tried Meditating in the Metaverse

We tried a guided meditation VR app to see if it could really transport us to a more mindful place.

How to Stop Committing Sleep Sabotage

Not sleeping well? You might be sabotaging yourself.

11 Canadian Holiday Gifts that Give Back

Make holiday shopping more meaningful this season with these Canadian gifts, from the perfect red lipstick to scented candles, that...

What Exactly Is Tantric Sex, and Should I Try It with My Partner?

Tantric sex can be an amazing way to reconnect with your partner and a sure-fire way to increased pleasure. An...

47 Wellness Gifts for Everyone in Your Life

Stumped on how to spoil the ones you love? Shop this selection of feel-good items that’ll make their...

Could Sleep Apnea Be the Root of Your Sleep Problems?

Find out if you have it, and if so, what to do about it.

I Stayed in an Abusive Relationship Because I Didn’t See Myself as Being Abused

Leaving an abusive relationship is hard. Here's one woman's story about how she found herself in one and how she...

6 Great Spin Bikes that Cost Less Than a Peloton

Indoor bikes are a great way to stay active at home. These picks will get your heart rate pumping, and...

Is Crying Actually Good for You? A Science-Backed, Data-Forward Guide

The cathartic benefits of a blubbery cry are pretty much accepted wisdom. But has it been proven by science?

Does Daylight Savings Have a Negative Effect on My Sleep?

Fall forward might reveal underlying sleep problems.

Why Is It a Challenge for Women to Get Flat Closure After Mastectomy?

More and more women are choosing flat closure after mastectomy to avoid the additional risks and complications of breast reconstruction...

I Get Enough Sleep—So Why Am I So Tired?

Many of us clock six or seven hours of sleep each night, yet still feel sluggish or exhausted the next...

As a Cancer Journey Coach and Breast Cancer Survivor, I’m Changing the Narrative for Cancer

"Throughout my training, I felt the impact of what I was learning."

The Lesser-Talked-About Side Effect of Menopause

My mom never warned me of this…. A personal essay about peeing yourself.

These Office Chairs Make Working from Home So Much More Comfortable

A good ergonomic chair is essential for workday comfort. We rounded up three expert-recommended picks that'll help keep your body...

Is “Natural Family Planning” a Good Idea?

Non-hormonal birth control methods like tracking your cycle and taking your base body temperature have always existed. Do they work?

Home Remedies That Can Help Your Headache Disappear

These natural home remedies for headaches will have you feeling better in no time.

Eco-Anxiety Keeping You Up at Night? Here’s What to Do

Climate change can be overwhelming. Here’s how to process those feelings of helplessness and move past paralysis.

Why Isn’t There a Birth Control Pill for Men?

The reason there's still no male birth control pill? The same reason the female birth control pill isn't better than...

Why Can Sad Music Help Us Feel Better?

Health journalist Adriana Barton explores music’s effects on our brain and body in her new book, Wired for Music. Here,...

It’s About Time We Talk About Breast Cancer Among Young Women of Colour

Women of colour — especially Black women under the age of 40 — have a disproportionate risk of being diagnosed...

Can a Vibrator Desensitize You?

We asked two experts if using your favourite toy too much can lead to less satisfying sex with a partner.

How to Do a Self Breast Exam

Along with routine screenings, frequent at-home examinations are the key to knowing your norm and catching any concerning changes.

The Major Problem With the Narrative Around Women in Midlife

Author Ann Douglas of the much-loved series Mother of all Books blends scientific research and personal anecdotes about midlife in...

The Pill Is Good. Why Isn’t It Better?

Despite over sixty years of research and development, we still don't know much about how the birth control pill affects...

How Making Time for Tea Can Boost Your Wellbeing

Take a deep breathe, smell the aroma, taste the flavours— live in the moment.

7 Fitness-Friendly Adventures in British Columbia

Regularly voted by outdoor magazines as a top spot for kayaking, cycling, running, surfing and hiking, British Columbia has a...

Jeanne Beker on Finding Community and Support Through Her Breast Cancer Diagnosis

"It's such a wonderful feeling to know that you've got so many hands to hold."