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This Vegan Sloppy Joe Dish Makes a Healthy Comfort Food

This recipe from Lauren Toyota's new cookbook Hot For Food is a vegan twist on the American classic.

Are Pine Nuts Good For You? Here’s What Nutrition Experts Say

Pine nuts are packed with nutrients and healthy fats. Learn more about the nutrition and benefits of these seeds harvested...

Is Hemp Milk Good for You? 10 Nutrition Facts to Know

Hemp milk is a nondairy alternative to cow's milk. Learn all about its nutrition, benefits, and what to look for...

These Baked Peanut Butter & Jam Oat Bars Make a Quick and Healthy Breakfast

This recipe for gluten-free, vegan oat bars is from Lauren Toyota's new book Hot for Food All Day.

A Healthy Banana Bread Recipe This Registered Dietitian Swears By

Forgot about the bundle of bananas sitting on your counter? Put them to good use with this healthy banana bread...

The Lazy Gal’s Guide to Grilling

Jenny Burthwright, owner of Calgary-based Jane Bond BBQ, shares her grilling pro tips.

In Praise of Prepackaged Vegan Products

In her new cookbook, Hot for Food All Day, Lauren Toyota shows that vegan recipes can be seriously delicious—and super...

This Must-Try Vegan Pasta Dish Unexpectedly Features Brussels Sprouts

Veggies are the star of this recipe from Lauren Toyota's new book Hot for Food All Day.

Avocado Oil Mayo vs. Regular Mayo: Is One Healthier Than the Other?

Here are the nutrition and benefits of avocado oil mayonnaise, how it stacks up against regular mayo, and a few...

16 Microwave Hacks That’ll Make You Better in the Kitchen

Your microwave is good for more than just zapping dinner, re-warming your cup of joe, or melting butter. Use these...

The Health Benefits of Pineapples—What RDs Want You to Know

Pineapple is a sweet, low-fat fruit that can be a part of a healthy diet. Learn about the calories in...

16 Strawberry Recipes That’ll Sweeten Up Your Summer

Strawberries are at their peak in June and July, and we suggest taking full advantage of the fruit during this...

11 Things in Your Refrigerator You Should Toss Out

Doing a weekly food purge saves room in your fridge. It can also save you from a stomachache—or worse.

10 Tips for Making Frozen Drinks

Is there anything like a frozen drink to help keep you cool when the sun's beating down? Here are our...

How Healthy Are Lentils? What Nutritionists Need You to Know

Lentils are popping up everywhere, including as pasta. But how healthy are they? Learn about their nutrients, benefits, and how...

Corn vs. Flour Tortilla: Which One Is Healthier?

There are culinary and nutritional differences between corn vs. flour tortillas. Find out how they differ in carbs, calories, and...

The 10 Healthiest Cooking Oils, According to Food Experts

Experts reveal the best cooking oils for your health.

12 Perfect Recipes for Summer Picnics

Here's a selection of our favourite salads, sandwiches, and desserts to pack for a picnic.

This Refreshing Blended Mocktail Is a Summer Staple

With just four ingredients (and basically one step), this watermelon refresher will be your go-to drink on hot days.

3 Under-the-Radar Superfoods, Plus an Easy Way to Add Micro-Nutrients to Your Diet

If you aim to pack the highest nutritional punch possible into your diet, try adding these lesser-known foods to your...

This Strawberry Elderflower Ginger Beer Float Will Remind You of Childhood

This easy summer drink recipe from Alexandra Daum's new book combines in-season strawberries, elderflowers and ginger beer to recreate ice...

The Health Benefits and Risks of Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is a plant-based alternative to dairy. Learn about its nutrition, benefits, and potential risks, as well as get...

Why Aluminum Foil Has a Shiny and a Dull Side

Wondering which side you should use? Read on.

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Healthy Living Starts with Wholesome Ingredients

Food that's good for you should taste good, too! Try these healthy alternatives to your traditional recipes.

6 Antinutrients in Beans, Grains, and Veggies and How to Avoid Them

Antinutrients are naturally occurring plant compounds that can interfere with the body's ability to absorb nutrients. So should you avoid...

This Homemade Ginger Beer Is What You’ll Be Drinking All Summer Long

Get your fermentation on with this ginger beer recipe from Alexandra Daum's new book, Occasionally Eggs. 

10 Things Experts Need You to Know About Maca Powder

Maca root powder is touted for its ability to boost libido, lift your mood, and restore energy, but is this...

6 Reasons Nutrition Experts Love Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit—aka pitaya—is packed with healthy nutrients. Learn exactly what this exotic fruit is, how to prepare it, and check...

What You Need to Know About the Mind-Gut Connection

Could improving your gut health with probiotics and a balanced diet really boost your mental wellbeing?

8 Healthy Plant-Based Snacks You’ll Actually Want to Eat

Snacking can be a good thing when done wisely. Find out what's in a wholesome, plant-based snack, then try these...