Wondering what’s the healthiest sugar to eat? The health benefits of spicy foods? If drinking your greens is actually as healthy as eating them? We’ve got answers to all these questions—and so much more.

Experts Debunk 7 Trendy Diets

And why you should unfollow anyone who promotes these problematic beliefs.

What to Know About Your Sugar Intake

There’s a pretty good chance you eat too much sugar. Here's what a registered dietitian has to say about that.

The Healthiest Sugar to Eat, Bake With and Mix Into Your Tea, According to a Dietitian

A recent study that found a link between sugar substitute erythritol and heart attacks has left most of us confused...

7 Common Probiotic Mistakes You’re Making

Warning: You might be sabotaging your probiotics. Here's how and when you should take them.

Good Protein Is Shaking Up Plant-Based Protein

A Canadian company that puts health and happiness on equal footing.

11 In-Season Fruits to Enjoy This Summer

Canadians have a short window to enjoy locally grown fruit, so we need to make sure we savour every opportunity....

Ready to Get Your Gut Health in Check?

Canada's Gut Health Expert, Andrea Hardy, shares tips on improving your gut health so you can feel better both mentally...

A Dietitian Helps Us Debunk the Outdated Myths About MSG

MSG has been unfairly demonized for ages. Now, people are turning to it as a salt substitute. Here's what to...

The Nutritious Food We Love at Any Time of Day

A frittata is whatever you want it to be: breakfast on the go, a quick weeknight meal or a make-ahead...

Here’s What Processed Foods Do to Your Brain

In Ultra Processed People, infectious diseases specialist Chris van Tullekenis takes readers on an engaging, revelatory and, frankly, disturbing tour...

Pesto, the Perfect Spring Food—and It’s Healthy Too

Try making pesto with other herbs or veggies for a nutritious spin on the classic sauce.

Can a Little Metal Fish Help Me With My Iron Deficiency?

The Lucky Iron Fish releases easily absorbable iron particles when placed in a pot of water with a few drops...

Bone Broth from This Canadian Ayurveda-Inspired Company May Help Soothe What Ails You

The founder of an Ayurvedic bone broth company infuses the now-trendy food with tradition

The Juice on Pears

Four reasons we’re plucking up pears for National Nutrition Month!

The Healthiest Cooking Oils to Use, According to Data

Here's what you need to know about every cooking oil's smoke point, nutrition and flavour.

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Why Health-Conscious Celebrities Swear by Alkaline Water

The high-pH beverage has become a staple of high performers.

Why Roasted Root Veggies Are a Winter Nutrition Win

Here are four reasons to eat them more often.

Flavoured Sparkling Waters Are Trending—But Are They Actually Good for You?

More Canadians than ever are opting for cans of carbonated water with zero calories and zero sugar. But are these...

How Important Is It to Buy *Only* Organic Foods?

Fact: Organic food is expensive. Here's what's worth buying organic, and when conventional products are just fine.

Why You Need to Eat More Cloves This Season

This celebrated spice will bring bold flavour to your meals and an incredible aroma to your home. What's more: It...

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10 Impressive Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Not only does the aroma of cinnamon take you to a happy place, but it's also practically a superfood!

Is Drinking Your Greens as Healthy as Eating Them?

These brands promise all of your daily nutrients delivered in one convenient scoop of powder—just drop it into a glass...

Celeriac May Just Be Our New Favourite Vegetable for Fall Dishes

Celeriac is that knobby, rustic-looking root vegetable you’ve probably passed over at the grocery store. Or perhaps it recently turned...

How This Meal Delivery Company Is Keeping New Moms Fed

The founder of Feeding Mama on supporting new parents with nourishing, nutritious doorstep delivery.

13 Fall Superfoods Nutritionists Recommend Eating

This season is all about rich colours and hearty flavours. Here are the foods to incorporate into your diet to...

The Surprising Health Benefits of Apples That’ll Have You Eating One a Day

Sometimes the simplest foods are the best foods for us.

4 Myths About Nightshade Vegetables, Busted

Some popular diets suggest avoiding eggplants, tomatoes, peppers and potatoes—but is that really necessary? We debunk common myths about nightshade...

Here’s How Healthy Eating Can Be Super Quick and Easy—and Delightful, Too

Having the right foods on-hand can help us make nutritious choices.

13 Collagen Supplements and Where to Buy Them in Canada

From tablets and powders to snack bars and liquids, collagen supplements are breaking into the beauty industry in a big...

The Health Benefits of Spicy Food, Explained

Hot peppers bring the heat, and the health benefits, to the table.