Want to know what beauty products and trends everyone’s talking about right now? From TikTok crazes to the best drugstore finds, here’s everything you need to know about.

I’m a Millennial Woman Embracing Makeup Trends—Thanks to Gen Z

With a newfound love for the funny beauty tutorials on TikTok, writer Anne T. Donahue rediscovers the joy of playing with makeup.

8 Drugstore Beauty Products That’ll Make You Want to Play With Makeup Again

Here are eight affordable drugstore makeup finds to get playful with.

40 of the Best Beauty Products of All Time That Should Be on Your Radar

Here are the make-up, nail, skin care and haircare products that reign supreme year after year (and decade after decade).

The 11 Best Blushes You Can Buy in Drugstores

We rounded up the best blushes available at Canadian drugstores, all under $25.


Here’s Why Lip Oils Are Currently Trending

A dermatologist's take on lip oils and how to find one that's actually good for your lips—plus, nine...

The Problem with Today’s Buzzy No-Makeup Makeup Look

The "Five-Minute Face," a version of the popular no-makeup makeup look, is one of the biggest beauty trends today—but it...

The 8 Best Drugstore Lipsticks

We rounded up the best budget-friendly lipsticks—from liquid to matte—all available at Canadian drugstores, all under $20.

The 10 Best Drugstore Concealers for Every Skin Need

We rounded up the best budget-friendly concealers for dark circles, blemishes and more—all available at Canadian drugstores, all under $20.

11 Drugstore Mascaras for All Your Lash Desires

We rounded up the best budget-friendly formulas for volume, drama, and more—all available at Canadian drugstores.

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7 of the Best Bronzers for a (Safe) Sun-Kissed Glow

A makeup artist shares tips for applying bronzer for a natural-looking glow, plus seven products to try.

These Beauty Brands Are Designing Their Products With Accessibility in Mind

The beauty industry is finally becoming more inclusive, with a range of new products designed for people with disabilities—but it...

The Best Sustainable Beauty Tools For Every Step of Your Routine

Looking to make a positive change? Start with these sustainable beauty tools.

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14 Viral Beauty Products on TikTok You’re Going to Want to Try

From a dewy concealer that stays smooth on skin all day to a highlighter that makes you look like you’re...

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6 Best Non-Toxic Nail Polishes Available in Canada

These non-toxic nail polishes look good and are good for you.

Henna Brows: The New Trend that Uses One of the Oldest Hair Dyes 

Should you try henna brows? Here’s what the pros say.

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The Best Lip Balms with SPF

Lips have especially thin and sensitive skin, so they're one area you should pay extra special attention to when it...

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Our Favourite New Beauty Products that Launched in June 2021

From a peachy lip mask to a skinfluencer's skincare line, these are our fave new beauty products for the summer.

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8 Best Gel Nail Polishes for a Chip-Free Manicure

With these best gel nail polishes, you can have salon-quality manicures without the cost or even leaving the comfort of...

May’s Buzziest New Beauty Products You’ll Want to Try

From bright new nail polish shades to a coffee face scrub, here are 11 of our fave new beauty products.

April’s Buzziest Beauty Launches You Need to Try

From a spring-y new fragrance line to an alcohol-free pore-minimizing toner, here are a few new beauty products to know...

How Safe Is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup, like eyebrow microblading, is a trend right now. Here's what you need to know about having semi-permanent pigment...

March’s Buzziest Beauty Launches You Need to Know About

From skincare-infused foundation to a long-lasting luxury lipliner, here are our favourite new beauty products we can't keep secret.

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15 Natural Beauty Brands You Had No Idea Were Canadian

With products free of fillers and irritating chemicals, these Canadian brands focus on extracting the skin-loving goodness out of plant-based...

Press-On Nails Are the New Heroes of At-Home Manis

Here’s how to use them, plus two other 2021 spring beauty trends to have on your radar.

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What Is An Eyelash Serum — And Do I Need One?

Missing your monthly eyelash bar visit? Maybe an eyelash serum could help.

An Easy, Glitzy Eye to Wear Over Your Mask When You Need a Pick-Me-Up

Why not bring a little extra sparkle to life at home?

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7 Lipsticks That Won’t Rub Off on Your Face Mask

A lipstick collection that's guaranteed to work for pandemic life.

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33 New Standout Beauty Products You Need to Know About

Best Health staffers and their most trusted confidants are trying the latest skin, hair, and makeup products to find this...

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10 Cult-Classic Beauty Products We Swear By

These are the products that we keep coming back to.

Lip Plumping Products Are Everywhere—But Do They Actually Work?

Here's what you need to know about the products that promise to boost your pout.

12 Beauty Essentials for Healthy Summer Skin and Hair

Experts share the best tips and products for maintaining glowing skin and glossy hair in the hot hot heat.