Sexual Health

What’s the best sex position? Are your sexual fantasies normal? Can you have sex on your period? We have all the answers down below.

Are You Coming Right?

When women can't orgasm from male-focussed sex, it's often seen as a problem. Here's why that's so wrong.

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There’s a new showerhead on the market made by a company you probably wouldn’t expect—a sex toy company.

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The Absolute Best Sex Position, According to Experts

The straddle? No! Doggy-style? No, I got it—one leg up? Here’s the best sex position for you.

What Exactly Is Tantric Sex, and Should I Try It with My Partner?

Tantric sex can be an amazing way to reconnect with your partner and a sure-fire way to increased pleasure. An...

Is “Natural Family Planning” a Good Idea?

Non-hormonal birth control methods like tracking your cycle and taking your base body temperature have always existed. Do they work?

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The reason there's still no male birth control pill? The same reason the female birth control pill isn't better than...

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This Woman Knows the Secret to Better Sex

(And why it matters for you)

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Are Your Sexual Fantasies Normal?

You’re not weird. Experts share why it’s common to think about having sex in different ways—and that includes taboos, too.

The Honest, Expert-Backed Truth About Having Sex While on Your Period

Don't worry, your time of the month doesn't need to mean time off from sex.

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Keep your sex life spicy and your bank account happy: This selection of expert-approved sex toys run $75 or less.

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Finally—At-Home Fertility Tests for Men

A new Canadian company offers sperm tests that deliver accurate results in just two minutes.

Where Did My Sex Drive Go?

At times, our libido can feel like it’s on silent mode. Here, experts share why women experience low sex drives...

Are You Cleaning Your Sex Toys the Right Way (and Often Enough)?

Sex toy pros weigh in on the dos and don’ts of cleaning your beloved gadgets.