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Here’s where you’ll find ways to help take care of your mental health. We’ve got the science behind why crying is good for you, learn meditation tips and what to do when you feel lonely.

For Women, There’s a Link Between Burnout and Depression

In All in her Head: How Gender Bias Harms Women’s Mental Health, science writer Misty Pratt explores why women are twice as likely to be diagnosed with mood disorders than men.

The Amorphous Grief of Losing Your Favourite Friend

Writer Sloane Crosley talks to us about her new book Grief Is for People.

How to Fix Canada’s Loneliness Epidemic, According to a Public Health Expert

Loneliness is as bad for our bodies as 15 daily cigarettes

Can Treating Inflammation Offer Relief From Depression?

Research is starting to uncover a link between inflammation in the body and depression—and taming it might offer hope for...

What to Do When You’re Feeling Lonely

Even before the pandemic, loneliness was an epidemic, with studies indicating that one in five Canadians identified...

I Found Happiness by Microdosing Magic Mushrooms

Psilocybin helps me manage my anxiety and depression better than anything else I’ve tried.

3 Ways Mindfulness Can Help You Get Through the Holiday Season

Give yourself the gift of a calm, focused and happy holiday season by putting mindfulness and meditation at the top...

What’s the Best Way to Deal with Anxiety?

Are you worried, restless, or having trouble concentrating most of the time? It could be anxiety. This common mental health...

This Free App Helps Muslims Access Better Mental Health Care

Ruh bridges psychology and faith to make mental health care more accessible for Muslims

Is Your Brain Fog a Sign of Aging, Sleep Deprivation, Long Covid or Something Else?

Confusion, forgetfulness, an inability to focus—brain fog symptoms can range from annoying to debilitating. But researchers are finding out why...

How I Coped After My Husband Was Diagnosed With the Same Cancer My Father Died Of

In this excerpt from her memoir, Everything All At Once, Montreal-born Steph Catudal explores the pain she felt when her...

Eco-Anxiety Keeping You Up at Night? Here’s What to Do

Climate change can be overwhelming. Here’s how to process those feelings of helplessness and move past paralysis.

How to Differentiate Between Real Self-Care and Faux Self-Care

In Real Self-Care, psychiatrist Pooja Lakshmin skewers wellness products and practices marketed to women as remedies, and offers a roadmap...

The Right Antidepressant for You, According to a Clinical Pharmacist

We tapped an expert to help us examine the pros and cons of seven often-prescribed antidepressants.

How Mental Illness Shapes Our Identities

New Yorker writer Rachel Aviv talks to us about being hospitalized for an eating disorder at age 6, and about...

As a Black Woman, I’ve Been “The Rock” for All My Friends—But It’s Not Often...

We spoke to a Black therapist about the "strong Black woman" trope, how it negatively impacts Black women's mental health...

My Phone Makes Me Anxious—Can a Meditation App Help?

Meditation apps are everywhere. They purport to bring mindfulness and a mental health boost straight to your phone. But, do...

We Tried Meditating in the Metaverse

We tried a guided meditation VR app to see if it could really transport us to a more mindful place.

Is Crying Actually Good for You? A Science-Backed, Data-Forward Guide

The cathartic benefits of a blubbery cry are pretty much accepted wisdom. But has it been proven by science?

Why Can Sad Music Help Us Feel Better?

Health journalist Adriana Barton explores music’s effects on our brain and body in her new book, Wired for Music. Here,...

The Major Problem With the Narrative Around Women in Midlife

Author Ann Douglas of the much-loved series Mother of all Books blends scientific research and personal anecdotes about midlife in...

How Making Time for Tea Can Boost Your Wellbeing

Take a deep breathe, smell the aroma, taste the flavours— live in the moment.

An Expert Shares Everything You Need to Know About Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

Can drugs like ketamine and magic mushrooms cure your depression?

Go Ahead and Celebrate the Small Things—It’ll Boost Your Mental Health

Celebrate the wins (no matter how small) to shake off the pandemic doldrums.

How a Mental Health Gym Can Transform Your Emotional Well-Being

To improve your physical endurance, build up muscle or just bliss out on those exercise-induced endorphins, you can head to...

“Fat Doesn’t Fly”: Inside the Culture of Body Shaming in Figure Skating

Female athletes competing in aesthetic sports, such as figure skating, experience so much body shaming it’s the equivalent of emotional...

Speed Skater Alyson Charles: “I Consider Myself Lucky”

Short track speed skater Alyson Charles, who is competing at the Beijing 2022 Olympics, shares her experience with body image...

Paralympian Brittany Hudak: “I Didn’t Think About Body Image Until I Became an Elite Athlete”

Paralympian Brittany Hudak, who is competing at the 2022 Paralympics in Beijing, shares her experience with body image pressures in...

Bobsledder Cynthia Appiah: “I Looked Phenomenal, but I Felt Absolutely Terrible”

Bobsleigh pilot Cynthia Appiah shares this candid essay about her experience with body image issues in elite sports.

Alpine Skier Erin Mielzynski: “I Was Just Trying To Be Perfect”

Alpine skier and host of Unspoken Bravery podcast, Erin Mielzynski shares this candid essay about her experience...