Moving your body will help you feel good not only physically, but mentally too. Learn about the latest fitness news and tricks, and get inspired to try a new activity like pickleball, surfing or skateboarding.

How to reach your fitness goals

Whether you hope to flatten your abs, tone your arms or lose those last 10 pounds, consider the following strategies...

How to get a ballet dancer’s body

Want to sculpt the long, lean body of a dancer? Try a ballet-inspired workout'no pointe shoes required. Find out how...

The phys-ed workout

Looking for a new way to melt fat, burn calories and get stronger? Kick it old-school'literally' and add some classic...

How to start running

Running can help you look great, reduce anxiety and improve your self-confidence. Whether you want to shed some weight or...

The ultimate beginner’s running program

Ready to tie up your runners and hit the pavement? Become a bona fide runner in four months with this...

Fitness ideas for the whole family

Worried that your family isn't getting enough exercise? Here are six easy fitness ideas for the whole family

The health benefits of soccer

Got soccer fever? Find out how playing "footy'" can improve your health

The ultimate outdoor workout

Don't waste your summer in the gym! This 30-minute outdoor workout will help you get fit while enjoying the warmer...

The Truth About Diet Pills and Whether They Really Work

Diet pills are part of a multi-billion dollar weight-loss industry in Canada, but do they really work?

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4 tips for a toned butt

Want a butt that looks good in everything from jeans and pencil skirts to shorts and a swimsuit? Try these...

Get killer calves for summer

Want sexy, shapely legs in time for shorts season? Here's how to get killer calves for summer

5 stretches you need to try

Whether you spend your time running trails or sitting at a desk, stretching should be a part of your daily...

How to lose baby weight like a celebrity

How did Katie Holmes and Kate Hudson seemingly effortlessly drop their baby weight? They likely spent a fortune on personal...

Fitness tips from dancer Blake McGrath

Ever wonder how a professional dancer keeps his body in tip-top shape? Here, dancer and musician Blake McGrath gives Best...

The best new running shoes for spring

We tested six of the hottest new running shoes for spring to see if they live up to their claims....

8 ways your kitchen can help you lose weight

A healthier diet starts with a healthy cooking space. Here are eight simple ways to use your kitchen to lose...

Why do diets stop working?

Dr. Arya Sharma is chair for obesity research and management at the University of Alberta, and scientific director of the...

The Benefits of AntiGravity Yoga

AntiGravity Yoga is a hot new fitness trend making its way across Canada. Find out what it is and whether...

Review: Are MEC’s new bikes worth the price?

Guest blogger Drew Nelles, associate web editor for and bike aficionado, gives us the scoop on Mountain Equipment Co-op’s

5 ways to beat boredom at the gym

If you're stuck in a boring workout rut or have hit a fitness plateau, it's time for a change. Try...

The ultimate at-home boot camp

Our interval training boot camp burns as many calories as possible in the shortest amount of time

Yoga Retreats Benefit Mind, Body and Soul

Looking for a relaxing vacation idea? Find out if a yoga retreat is the right holiday choice for you

5 workout mistakes

Are you sabotaging your fitness routine? Learn to spot five common workout mistakes'and learn how to fix them

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A new way to stretch out back pain

Back stiffness and pain are common problems for desk-jockeys. Try this eight-step method for stretching out your back without leaving...

Yoga Helps Breast-Cancer Patients Heal

How one Toronto-based yoga program helps women get through breast cancer'in part thanks to fundraiser Yoga in Motion

How diets make you fat

Restricting your food intake may seem like a quick way to shed pounds, but experts say diets make you fat...

5 fitness tips from a top trainer

Award-winning fitness trainer Geoff Bagshaw reveals his top tips for healthy living

6 tips for an Oscar-worthy body

Not nominated this year? Well, you can still get your body in red-carpet shape with these six fitness tips

Quiz: What’s your fitness personality?

Finding exercises that fit your lifestyle may be the key to sticking with them. Take our quiz and then find...