Fitness tips from dancer Blake McGrath

Ever wonder how a professional dancer keeps his body in tip-top shape? Here, dancer and musician Blake McGrath gives Best Health the scoop on how he stays fit

Fitness tips from dancer Blake McGrath

Source: Web exclusive, May 2010

If anyone knows how to achieve a toned body, it’s Blake McGrath. The judge and choreographer for So You Think You Can Dance Canada has shared the stage with some of the hottest bodies in the music industry’Madonna, Janet Jackson and Beyonce to name a few. Now, the Misssauga, Ont.-born dancer is delving into his own music career with the release of his first single, “The Night.” Here, he shares how he keeps his body in tip-top shape.

Best Health: As a dancer, what is your daily fitness regime?

Blake McGrath: I wake up in the morning and have a healthy, protein shake for breakfast. Then I hit the gym for an hour and a half. I also try to take kick-boxing, yoga and dance classes throughout the week. I work out five days a week and rest on the weekends.

BH: Is there a part of your body you’re working to strengthen at the moment? How are you going about it?

BM: I am paying extra attention to my abs these days. I focus on that area alone for 30 minutes every day.

BH: How can someone  take up dancing as part of her regular fitness routine?

BM: Start at the gym. They usually provide basic hip-hop cardio classess, which are fun!

BH: Do you have any advice for someone who is just starting to work out?

BM: Get through the first week and you will begin to see amazing results. You will want to stick with it. Also, find a workout buddy to help keep you motivated.

BH: What is your diet like?

BM: I eat lots of protein, such as fish and chicken, and plenty of vegetables. And I stay away from junk food.

BH: You’re planning to go on tour when your new album is released. Will your workouts change when you go on the road?

BM: No, I will always find the local gym. I also have a great hotel room workout!

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