6 tips for an Oscar-worthy body

Not nominated this year? Well, you can still get your body in red-carpet shape with these six fitness tips

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Oscar-worthy body

Get glam

How do celebrities look so fabulous on the red carpet? Lots of styling, mega-watt diamonds and couture, of course. But nothing looks as glamorous in a gown as a toned and fit body. While few of us will ever sport celebrity-level bling, we can achieve Oscar-worthy bodies of our own by following a few fitness tips. Here’s how.

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1. Try yoga

There’s a good reason why celebs turn to yoga to help tone and strengthen their bodies: The practice has multiple physical benefits. For one thing, you’re creating alignment in your joints, which helps them work better and last longer, says Vancouver-based yoga instructor Eoin Finn, creator of many popular yoga DVDs including The Pursuit of Happy Hips. A well-designed practice will also balance out the physical challenges of your daily life, whether you’re sitting at a desk all day or working an eight-hour shift on your feet. And don’t think it’s just about stretching-yoga strengthens your body as well. Click through to find out how to start your own yoga practice.

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2. Do a celebrity workout

How did Gwyneth Paltrow get that lean ballet dancer’s body? Genetics and diet helps a lot, sure. But behind every celebrity body is a smart personal trainer wielding a butt-firming, ab-tightening workout. These professional body sculptors are now offering their regimens to you. Here are three unique celebrity workouts-from beginner to advanced level-that you can do at home.

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3. Tone your arms

Madonna has guns, as does Jennifer Aniston. And American’s first lady Michelle Obama makes her guns look especially demure. No, we don’t mean artillery-we’re talking about the beautifully sculpted upper arms that say, “I am woman. Do not mess with me.” They also look quite lovely in a strapless dress.


But while many women long to slim down their arms, some are hesitant to target this area. “A lot of women are afraid of doing upper-body exercises,” says Toronto-based personal trainer Alex Bourgeois. “As soon as you mention weights, women say, ‘I don’t want to bulk up.'” But unless you’re aiming to be a competitive body builder, it’s unlikely that you’ll end up looking like Ms. Hulk.  Click through for exercises to help you get sexy arms.

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4. Strengthen your back

What’s sexier than a slinky, backless gown? Nicely toned back muscles not only make you look glamorous, they’ll improve your posture, and protect you against bothersome backaches or painful injuries. Click through to try these three strengthening exercises for the low, mid- and upper back to enhance your body’s total appearance and increase your everyday health.

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5. Find a personal trainer

You don’t have to be a celebrity to benefit from the expertise of a personal trainer. If you need help reaching your fitness goals-and who doesn’t?-hiring a personal trainer could be the motivation boost you need. But trainers don’t come cheap, which means finding one you like is key to getting the most value for your money and your time. Click through to find out how to find the right trainer for you.

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6. Stand tall

Want to know the secret to legendary actress Audrey Hepburn’s allure? Whether dining at Tiffany’s or riding her Vespa in the streets of Rome, she simply had great posture. Fast-forward to today, and what Hepburn knew intuitively has been proven: People with good posture are perceived as more attractive. Still other psychology research has shown that we look slimmer when we stand up straight, and that posture can affect our mood and behaviour. Click through for tips on how to improve your posture.


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