The best new running shoes for spring

We tested six of the hottest new running shoes for spring to see if they live up to their claims. Find out which pair is best for you

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Nike LunarElite+

Nike LunarElite+

Of all the features to like about these shoes, I really appreciate the fit. The shoe is long with a solid sole. Not too much impact on my feet, which typically wear heels during the week. And that I appreciate. The upper is light and breathable, but there is still a bit of structure to the shoe. It seems the past few years, running shoes have gone a bit soft, almost to the point where they feel like nothing. Some runners prefer that, but as a part-timer, I like all the support I can get. When I tried‘s shoe finder, based on a few quick questions about my feet, the LunarElite was recommended to me-a pleasant surprise. It’s a Nike Plus shoe, so I can use it with my iPod to track calories burned, distance run. Plus, they’re pretty and will go with all of my workout wear.

-Lisa Hannam, Associate Editor

Nike, $145

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New Balance 1064

The New Balance 1064

Let’s be honest, these kicks aren’t exactly pretty. When I first put them on, my feet looked something like gleaming white cargo ships (if there even is such a thing). Definitely not “streamlined” as the product description suggests. But as we all know, pretty isn’t everything. These trainers were comfortable right away. I broke them in at a killer Rock n’ Roar cardio fitness class and they provided strong support without even a hint of a blister. I was pleased with flexibility of the shoe, which allowed me to do all kinds of crazy cardio dance moves with ease. I especially love the SURE LACE laces, which are designed to hold tight and don’t come undone (slippery running-shoe laces are a pet peeve of mine). These kicks are a bit on the pricey side at $130, but I think they’re well worth it-especially if you’re willing to sacrifice cute for comfort.

-Jennifer Goldberg, Web Editor

New Balance, $130

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Mephisto Sano

Mephisto Sano

I am a walker, so this was a shoe I was very much looking forward to trying. I found that they do fit a little bit big and I could have gone down by half a size. Despite this though, I still felt as though I were sliding my foot into a slipper. They are soft and supportive and with the velcro straps around the heel and on the top of my foot, I was able to adjust the shoe to my own foot’s shape-my narrow heel can be difficult to fit. While I don’t wear an orthotic, if you did, there is enough room in the shoe to fit one as well. As someone who suffers chronic back problems, I was very interested to see if their claim to soothe my joints, vertebrae and spinal chord was accurate. So I walked and walked and then walked some more, and felt none of the typical pressure on the soles of my feet, joints or back. So, if they also tighten my thighs and buttocks as they claim to,  let’s hope that I have enough time before bathing suit season starts to see the difference!

-Michelle Kellner, Associate Publisher

Mephisto, $325

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Brooks Glycerine

Brooks Glycerin 8

I really like these shoes. The “DNA” cushioning technology in the midsole gives great shock absorbancy that really does seem to adjust to the pace and impact of each step: They provided comfortable cushioning when jogging more slowly, and great energy return when running- I felt like I bounced higher with every step! The lightweight construction feels light on my feet while still giving good support. At first I thought the soles seemed stiff, but they’ve gotten more flexible with a little wear. (Also, I like the purple and silver colour they come in-always a bonus for me.)

-Jen Masseau, Assistant Editor

Brooks, $180

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Reebok ZigTech

Reebok ZigTech

I put the Reebok ZigTechs to the test on an indoor treadmill as well as at an outdoor boot camp, and I’m happy to say that they’re more than just a cool-looking pair of kicks. After jogging, sprinting and working through a wide range of exercises, I found that the shoes were really flexible, but still provided great support. And post-workout, my feet didn’t cramp up like they used to in my old runners-a very welcome surprise! They’re also super lightweight, so I didn’t feel like they were putting extra stress on my legs during my workout. My favourite feature is the ultra-breathable upper, which kept my feet cool and comfortable, even after a long trek.

-Alicia McAuley, Associate Web Editor

Reebok, $120

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Wave 6 Inspire

Mizuno Wave Inspire 6

I pronate, so I usually wear orthotics in my running shoes-but with this supportive shoe, I was comfortable running medium distances without them. They’re light and comfortable and make my feet feel good, even when running on pavement. My only problem? The fit in the forefoot is a bit tight on my wide feet, which can be irritating. If it weren’t for that, I’d buy them again.

-Kat Tancock, Senior Web Editor

Mizuno, $155

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