Mile-High Strawberry Shortcake

This will easily be a guest favourite. And you can make it again and again. Just switch up the berries to whatever is in season.

What could be a better way to celebrate summer – and Canada’s 150th birthday – than with this show-stopping layer cake piled high with vanilla-scented yogurt cream, fresh seasonal strawberries and a drizzle of local honey?

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Servings Prep Time Cook Time
24servings 40minutes 1hour
Servings Prep Time
24servings 40minutes
Cook Time
Servings: servings
Servings: servings
Vanilla Cake
  1. Preheat oven to 350°F (180°C).
  2. In a large bowl, beat butter with granulated sugar until well mixed; beat in eggs, 1 at a time, and vanilla.
  3. In a separate bowl, whisk both flours with baking powder; stir into butter mixture in 2 additions, alternating with milk, until smooth.
  4. Divide batter evenly between 2 greased parchment-paper-lined 8-inch (1.2 L) round cake pans, smoothing tops.
  5. Bake on middle rack of oven until toothpick inserted into centre comes out clean, about 1 hour.
  6. Let cool in pan on rack for 10 minutes. Remove from pan; let cool completely on rack. (Make-ahead: Wrap layers in plastic wrap and store in a resealable bag for up to 6 hours.)
Yogurt Cream
  1. Meanwhile, with a paring knife, scrape vanilla seeds into yogurt; stir in icing sugar. Whip cream to form stiff peaks; fold into yogurt mixture. Set aside in refrigerator.
  1. Hull and quarter all but 1 cup (250 mL) of the strawberries.
  2. Cut remaining unhulled strawberries in half and reserve for another use. Toss quartered strawberries with honey.
  3. With a serrated knife, cut cakes in half horizontally to create 4 equal layers. Place bottom layer, cut side up, on a cake plate. Top with one-third of the quartered strawberries; spoon one-quarter of the yogurt cream over top. Repeat layers twice. Top with top layer of second cake, cut side down.
  4. Top with remaining cream and halved berries. Serve immediately.
Recipe Notes

Best Health Tip: To cut even cake layers, insert toothpicks all the way around the cake, using the halfway point as a cutting guide.

Nutrients per serving: 310 calories, 13 g fat (8 g saturated fat), 42 g carbohydrates (2 g fibre), 39 mg cholesterol, 122 mg sodium, 7 g protein

Originally Published in Best Health Canada