3 Survivors Share Their Stories of Escaping and Healing From Domestic Violence

These three women have turned their stories of abuse into ones of empowerment.

Meet Best Health’s 2021 Health Heroes

These amazing Canadians identified gaps in our health care system and took action in 2021 to make our health system...

3 Simple Ways to Set Healthy Financial Goals in 2022

This is how to set financial intentions so you can reach your goals in a healthy way.

Our 2021 Holiday Picks: Find the Perfect Gift For Everyone on Your List

Check every name off your list with the help of our six gift guides featuring a total of 97 feel-good...

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16 Home Gifts for the Humble Host or Foodie Friend

From an all-in-one pot for the novice chef to an egg-bite maker for the person on-the-go, here are 16 gifts...

15 Signs That Your Relationship Could Turn Abusive

Pay close attention to these warning signs of a potentially abusive relationship.

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19 Wonderful Gifts to Give to Yourself Because You Deserve It

From sexy leggings that'll spice-up your dance class to bedding upgrades that'll make snoozing so much more luxurious, here are...

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9 Gift Baskets and Gift Sets for the Ones Who Are Hard to Shop for

From a green beauty box for your skin care-obsessed bestie to a flavoured honey collection for your foodie friend, here...

Breathe Easy with Filtrete™ Filters

Winter is coming. Here’s why you need to up your filtration game – and how to do it!

12 Things Most People Don’t Realize About Domestic Violence

In just five minutes—by the time you finish this article—nearly 100 people will have been the victims of violence from...

What Is Gaslighting—and How to Tell if You’re Experiencing It

Gaslighting is a type of emotional abuse that is much more common in relationships than you might think.

How Singing Heals: A Canadian’s Experience Singing Backup for Bowie

Canadian musician Emm Gryner’s book, The Healing Power of Singing, is both a manifesto for aspiring vocalists and an unflinching,...

35 Best Thanksgiving Movies to Watch This Year

Curl up on the couch with leftovers, your loved ones, and these amazing Thanksgiving movies, and you'll have another reason...

11 Best Emotional Support Dogs

These dog breeds check off all the boxes for the ultimate emotional support dog—they're cute and cuddly and, most importantly,...

24 Email Etiquette Rules You Still Need to Follow

These rules change as fast as the technology. From using emojis in business emails (it's fine!) to requesting read receipts...

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Our Favourite CBD Edibles, Available in Canada

If you want to try cannabis edibles but are nervous about THC start with these CBD edibles instead! Here's 11...

How to Find a Hobby as an Adult

It might take some exploration.

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5 Best Down Comforters for Sounder Sleep, According to Reviewers

Customers give these down comforters a big thumbs up.

Why Your Hobby Doesn’t Need to Become a Side Hustle

Not monetizing your hobby can help you get the most pleasure out of it.

5 Canadians with Disabilities on the Upsides of Working from Home

"Watching how people with disabilities were left to fend for themselves across Canada during the shutdowns was very stressful."

The Pandemic Forced Employers to (Finally) Offer Workplace Accommodations

The accommodations are measures people with disabilities have long asked for, but were often denied.

Sharing Chinese Herbal Soups and Teas, Steeped in Tradition

“I developed kyth + kyn for people to learn more about Chinese culture and be proud of it,” says Vancouver-based...

36 Items for a Happy, Healthy Home Office

Make your home office a space you'll feel good stepping into (and out of). These essentials will help get you...

Online Dating: Would You Date Someone Who’s Unvaccinated?

Dating apps like Hinge and Bumble now allow Canadian users to indicate their vaccine status, and it's changing how we...

Here’s How Often You Should Be Washing Your Dishcloths and Dish Towels

It's so easy to completely forget about washing your dish towels until they start smelling up your kitchen, but that...

How to Increase Your Libido — And Why It May Be Low

Experts share the meaning of the word libido, what can cause low sex drive, and the treatments and lifestyle changes...

I Worry About Other People’s Problems Like They’re My Own. How Can I Set Healthy Boundar...

You don't need to take on someone's stress in order to be a good friend.

This Common Thing Happens When a Couple Stops Having Sex

Don't worry, you're not alone. Here, relationship experts reveal what happens if you and your partner stop having sex.