These Office Chairs Make Working from Home So Much More Comfortable

A good ergonomic chair is essential for workday comfort. We rounded up three expert-recommended picks that'll help keep your body feeling good and improve your posture.

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The best ergonomic chairs in Canada

“A comfortable ergonomic chair will keep you in the correct alignment so your body can work more effectively,” says Dr. Liza Egbogah, a Toronto-based osteopath, chiropractor, myofascial release therapist. “When you’re sitting in a chair that’s not ergonomic, your muscles have to work harder, which leads to back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and hip pain.” To her, this home-office item is non-negotiable, so we’re highlighting three top ergonomic chairs available in Canada.

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Design Within Reach Sayl
Image: Herman Miller

Adjustable ergonomic chair pick: Herman Miller Sayl

“Find a chair that has at least three different sizes so you can pick one based on your height and weight,” suggests Egbogah. Her favourite options are by Herman Miller, which can be customized to suit your needs.

Herman Miller Sayl, $1055,

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Ikea Office Chair 2
Image: IKEA

Budget ergonomic chair pick: IKEA

“Ideally, your chair should have armrests so you don’t have to hold your shoulders and elbows up while working on the keyboard and using the mouse,” says Egbogah. For a budget-friendly option, try this one from IKEA, which also includes a headrest.

Markus Office Chair, $249,

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Humanscale Liberty 1
Image: Humanscale

Splurge ergonomic chair pick: Liberty Task

Built-in lumbar support gives this chair a healthy edge, making it comfortable enough to keep you feeling good from nine to five. Egbogah’s tip: “Lumbar support should start at the bottom of your rib cage and go down.”

Computer chair, $1499,

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More ergonomic tips from Egbogah

Ensure your days are ache-free by considering your alignment. “Your ear should line up with your shoulder,” says Egbogah. “If you’re sticking your head out, it’s probably because you’re too far away from your monitor or your eyes are getting tired.” She suggests repositioning your monitor to correct this misalignment. “Don’t look like a croissant!”

Also, Egbogah cautions against standing desks. Why? “Most people will end up putting more weight on one foot or they’ll tilt their pelvis, and that’ll lead to other problems,” she says. “Consider a desk you can adjust in height to make it a sitting and standing workstation you can switch between.”

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