35 Items That’ll Help You Find Your Zen

From bath bombs to CBD products, these finds will help you unwind and relax at home.

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Purple Reign

1. This groovy purple foam roller isn’t just prettier than your standard option, it has added benefits, too. The ridges help release tension in your back, legs and other body parts, making it essential for taming aches.
Lululemon Double Roller, $58, lululemon.com

2. Soothe cold-irritated skin, diminish puffiness and relieve facial tension by gliding this ice-cold glass globe across your face. Cyro-Facial Cooling Globe, $10, Marshalls

3. Sip a cup of this lavender-chamomile tea and settle your racing mind—each bag is infused with 10 mg of CBD and a small amount of THC.
Everie CBD Lavender Chamomile Tea, $19, fikasupply.com

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Cozy Corner

4. Slip into a pair of wool-topped, rubber-soled breathable shoes that’ll keep your feet warm while you putter around the house. Allbirds Wool Loungers, $135, allbirds.ca

5. The sculptural design and cheery hue of this handmade soap dish will bring a little flair to your washroom.
Recreation Center Soap Dish, $38, nordstrom.ca

6. This bubbly cube candle adds a soft glow to any reading nook or workspace.
BrighterSkyBoutique Bubble Candle, $16, etsy.com

7. This lavender-infused body lotion helps speed you off to sleep.
Body Lotion Sleepy, $13, lush.ca

8. Whether you’re working at your desk or surfing through Netflix on your couch, this pillow helps support your head and prevent shoulder tension.
Wellness Weighted Grey Neck Pillow, $50, chapters.indigo.ca

9. This handmade purple scalloped mug makes a nice addition to your afternoon coffee routine.
Recreation Center Mug, $58, nordstrom.ca

10. Your standard-issue weighted blanket gets a makeover with this chunky cotton jersey knit that’s soft, breathable and sunshiney bright—and still delivers comfort and warmth.
Knit Weighted Throw Blanket, $279, chapters.indigo.ca

11. Going anywhere this weekend? Us neither! How about tackling this adorable 1000-piece puzzle?
Whiled Ladies Who Lounge 1000-Piece Puzzle, $45, nordstrom.ca

12. You know practicing gratitude is good for you, but sometimes it’s hard to get started. This book will help you recognize the good things in your life.
The Five Minute Journal, $32, nordstrom.ca

13. This illustrated book offers tips for managing anxiety and shares tools for practicing self-compassion and staying focused.
The Illustrated Self-Care Bible, $13, Homesense

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Float on

14. Drop this lavender-scented bath bomb into your tub and it’ll release stars as it fizzes from pink to purple to indigo.
Bath Bomb Twilight, $8, lush.ca

15. Inspired by #cottagecore, this shades-of-green bath bomb delivers notes of apricot and amber that’ll leave you feeling warm and fuzzy.
Bath Bomb Lakes, $8, lush.ca

16. Patchouli, lemongrass, orange and pine come together to create a soft and soothing bar of soap.
Soap Karma, $9, lush.ca

17. The magnesium chloride in these bath salts helps relieve muscle tension and soreness. Papaya enzyme, passionflower augments and French green clay work together to calm you down before bed.
Fortifying Magnesium Soak by Nature of Things, USD$36, goodeeworld.com

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Peace offerings

18. Chill out with these CBD-infused passionfruit and mango gummies.
Ace Valley Passionfruit Mango CBD, $35, toykosmoke.com

19. Need help finding your happy place? Try this grapefruit-flavoured sparkling water, which contains THC.
Houseplant Grapefruit Sparkling Water, $5, fikasupply.com

20. Slow down with this cucumber- and mint-flavoured sparkling water that’s spiked with a little CBD.
Quatreau Cucumber and Mint Sparkling Water, $5, tokyosmoke.com

21. These cannabis gummies taste like summer and contain 10 mg of THC to help you feel at ease.
Ace Valley CBN Blackberry Lemon Dream Soft Chews, $10, tokyosmoke.com

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A new leaf

22. This classic organic black tea delivers the caffeine (and antioxidant) boost you need.
The Champion, USD$20, firebellytea.com

23. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a fruity tea like this hibiscus-raspberry blend. A portion of Cup of Te’s proceeds are donated to causes that support mental health awareness.
Noms Berry Delight, $15, cupofte.ca

24. On dark winter days, reach for this Japanese Gyokuro green tea with hints of cherry—it tastes like spring sunshine.
Blossom, USD$30, firebellytea.com

25. Sip peppermint tea to freshen your breath, boost digestion and calm your stomach.
Peppermint Devotion, $15, cupofte.ca

26. This flower-infused jasmine green tea is a brilliant mood-lifter.
Flower Power, USD$19, firebellytea.com

27. Calming chamomile, lavender and lemon tea can help you catch some much-needed Zzzs.
Paradise, USD$15, firebellytea.com

28. Make time for a cup of this spicy-floral chamomile rosehip tea before bed—it’s the perfect antidote to a frenzied day.
Sip & Chill, $15, cupofte.ca

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29. We love this white glossy-topped teapot for its sturdy handle, stainless steel filter, non-drip spout and striking silhouette.
Firebelly Tea pot, USD$100, firebellytea.ca

30. Anyone can get a handle on this pert little teacup.
Firebelly Teacup, USD$23, firebellytea.ca

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On the scent

31. Boost your mind, spirit and living space with a refreshing, relaxing aroma. This best-selling diffuser mists for up to 22 hours and features a timer and automatic shut-off for fuss-free use.
Aroma Om Deluxe Diffuser, $138, saje.com

32. This budget-friendly diffuser provides the health-supporting benefits of aromatherapy and comes in a slender shape.
White Stone Diffuser, $30, Winners

33. Create a calming atmosphere with this eco-friendly soy wax candle that delivers notes of flowers, leather and smoke. Haeckels Dreamland GPS 23’ 5”N Candle, $68, goodeeworld.com

34. Soak up the decadent notes of flowers, suede and amber with this perfect-for-all-seasons candle.
Boy Smells Kush Candle, $44, fikasupply.com

35. Transform any room into a tranquil escape with these spicy-floral scented incense sticks.
Aphrodisia Incense by Supersense Studios, $24, nordstrom.ca

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