Creamy Parsnip and Pear Soup

Celebrate fall with this creamy blend of parsnips, pears, onions and yogurt.

Recipe courtesy Yoplait Asana


Servings Prep Time Cook Time
6servings 15minutes 25minutes
Servings Prep Time
6servings 15minutes
Cook Time
Servings: servings
Servings: servings
  1. In a heavy pan, heat the oil and sauté the onions and the parsnips on medium heat for a few minutes, stirring until the vegetables are tender.
  2. Add the chicken broth and cook for 20 minutes on low heat. Add the pear pieces and cook for another 5 minutes.
  3. Mix the preparation in a food processor until smooth. Return to the pan and add the yogurt. Reheat the soup for 2 minutes.
  4. Salt and pepper to taste. Pour into bowls and sprinkle with a little grated nutmeg.
Recipe Notes

Per 357 g serving: 150 calories; 4 g total fat; 26 g carbohydrate; 4 g protein; 124 g calcium