23 Meals and Treats to Make Before Summer Ends

These quintessential summer recipes deserve a spot in your cooking rotation right now—while the sun's shining bright and temperatures are delightful—to make the most out of the season.

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fridge-friendly recipes | Salmon Nicoise
Photo Credit: Maya Visnyei

Grilled Salmon Niçoise With Turmeric Vinaigrette

While this beautiful dish can be made and served right away, the salmon, potatoes, eggs and green beans can all be cooked ahead and chilled. That means you’ll have less time in the kitchen and more time to mingle with guests.

Recipe: Grilled Salmon Niçoise With Turmeric Vinaigrette

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flatbread pizza
Photo Credit: Ryan Szulc

Persimmon Tahini Flatbread

This recipe uses the tomato-shaped Fuyu persimmon, which is known for its crisp, sweet, crunchy texture, similar to that of a fresh apple. We’ve balanced this flatbread’s sweetness with a savoury tahini spread to give it a bit of Middle Eastern flair. Instead of cooking it in the oven, try grilling it on the barbecue for an al fresco dinner.

Recipe: Persimmon Tahini Flatbread

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Mexican Street Corn Skillet Chicken

This flavourful one-skillet recipe moves corn from side dish to centre stage—and it’s a kid-favourite.

Recipe: Mexican Street Corn Skillet Chicken

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kale salad
Photo Credit: Taste of Home

Strawberry Kale Salad

The sliced strawberries and fresh mint give this kale salad an extra summery feel, and crumbled bacon and toasted almonds add the perfect amount of crunch and salt.

Recipe: Strawberry Kale Salad

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spinach salad
Photo Credit: Taste of Home

Citrus Avocado Spinach Salad

Oranges and grapefruit pair wonderfully with avocado and spinach in this light and zesty salad.

Recipe: Citrus Avocado Spinach Salad

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egg salad recipe
Photo Credit: Taste of Home

Avocado Egg Salad Toast

Heading on a picnic? Not before you pack this avocado egg salad sandwich, which is a healthier option than the traditional mayo version.

Recipe: Avocado Egg Salad Toast

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fridge-friendly recipes | watermelon cups
Photo Credit: Taste of Home

Watermelon Cups

Sweet watermelon cubes hold a refreshing topping that showcases cucumber, red onion and fresh herbs.

Recipe: Watermelon Cups

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homemade ice pops
photo credit: maya visnyei

Fresh Berry-Yogurt Pops

Take advantage of seasonal fresh fruit like raspberries and strawberries and whip up these refreshing yogurt popsicles.

Recipe: Fresh Berry-Yogurt Pops

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healthy side dishes | grilled corn
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Grilled Sweet Corn with Lime and Chili

This grilled corn coated with lime, chili, and mayonnaise makes a fun Mexican-inspired dish that’s a perfect addition to any summer meal.

Recipe: Grilled Sweet Corn with Lime and Chili

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barbecue chicken
Photo Credit: Angus Fergusson

Brazilian Barbecue Chicken

Pull off your best-grilled BBQ chicken yet with this recipe that features spicy turmeric and sweet coconut sugar,

Recipe: Brazilian Barbecue Chicken

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spinach salad recipe
Photo Credit: Taste of Home

Blackberry Balsamic Spinach Salad

This lightly-dressed salad is packed with superfoods—Berries! Walnuts! Spinach!

Recipe: Blackberry Balsamic Spinach Salad

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caprese salad
Photo Credit: Taste of Home

Peach Mango Caprese Salad

Peaches and honey are added to the classic Caprese salad for a sweet and tasty update for summer.

Recipe: Peach Mango Caprese Salad

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Planked Shrimp
Photo Credit: Angus Fergusson

Planked Shrimp with Smoky Avocado, Peach and Tomato Salsa

Get the most of the smoke and plank both the shrimp and avocado. Tip it in a tangy salsa, made with peaches, tomato, and jalapeno.

Recipe: Planked Shrimp with Smoky Avocado, Peach and Tomato Salsa

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pineapple kebab
Photo Credit: Angus Fergusson

BBQ Pineapple-Coconut Kebabs

Lacquered with a fragrant sugar-and-spice coating, these kebabs turn tender and juicy when licked by the flames.

Recipe: BBQ Pineapple-Coconut Kebabs

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fruit salsa
Photo Credit: Taste of Home

Chipotle Berry Fruit Salsa

Not too hot, but with a bit of a kick, this fruit salsa makes for a great dessert—but also a chip dip!

Recipe: Chipotle Berry Fruit Salsa

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elderberry rhubarb crisp
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Rhubarb Elderberry Crisp

Combine any berry and rhubarb to make this delightful crisp for a delicious dessert guests will love.

Recipe: Rhubarb Elderberry Crisp

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orange cauliflower mash
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Orange Cauliflower Mash

Orange cauliflower—a natural variation—has up to 25 more beta-carotene than white cauliflower, and tastes great in a simple mash.

Recipe: Orange Cauliflower Mash

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fridge-friendly recipes | Smoked-Salmon-Appetizers
photo credit: Yvonne Duivenvoorden

Creamy Smoked Salmon-Stuffed Cucumber Rolls

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, and fresh dill combine to make a delicious healthy appetizer.

Recipe: Creamy Smoked Salmon-Stuffed Cucumber Rolls

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Pita Sandwich
Photo Credit: The School Year Survival Cookbook

Curried Chicken and Grape Pockets

Heading on a road trip? Make this pita sandwich ahead of time—although you may not be able to wait for lunch to eat it. It’s a bit of a show-off, but you can hardly blame it when it’s so juicy, crunchy, sweet and ever-so-slightly spicy.

Recipe: Curried Chicken and Grape Pockets

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Raspberry Clafoutis
Image: Dong Kim

Raspberry Clafoutis

Clafoutis is a baked French dessert traditionally made with cherries, but this one features raspberries for an equally delicious taste. Dust with powdered sugar or serve with whipped cream.

Recipe: Raspberry Clafoutis

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How To Make Kebabs Hero
Image: Laura Jeha

Summer Kebabs Marinade

What’s summer without kebabs? Here’s a recipe for the most crowd-pleasing flavourful ones—but before you fire up the grill, read up on tips for mastering the art of grilling kebabs every time.

Recipe: Summer Kebabs Marinade

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Heirloom tomato salad
Image: Eva Kolenko

Sesame Heirloom Tomato Salad

This recipe calls for farm-fresh tomatoes and just a few simple ingredients like lime juice, sesame oil, and a toasted seed topping—to highlight their vibrant flavours.

Recipe: Sesame Heirloom Tomato Salad

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bean burger recipe | Whitebeanburger Hero 1
Image: Eva Kolenko

White Bean Swiss Chard Burgers

These veggie burgers don’t attempt to replicate meat—instead, they highlight a vegetable! These beans- and- greens burgers use Swiss chard for a tangy, crunchy, and colourful topping.

Recipe: White Bean Swiss Chard Burgers

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