Why You Need to Add Rutabagas to Your Winter Veg Rotation

Expand your root vegetable repertoire with this nutritious winter delight.

Food for Thought: Can What We Eat Influence Our Mental Health?

We dug into the latest research in nutritional psychiatry to find out.

The Surprising Health Benefits of Chestnuts

Plus, tips on how to prepare this seasonal nutritional powerhouse

You’re Going to Want to Get Pomegranates Right Now

This celebrated wintertime fruit has a sweet-tart taste that adds a welcome brightness to any meal.

A Love Letter to Florida Orange Juice

Why Florida Orange Juice is the healthy comfort I crave…constantly.

5 Benefits of Eating Oatmeal for Breakfast

Registered dietitian Cynthia Sass shares the health benefits of oatmeal, like weight management, and tips for preparing the healthiest bowl.

Can Black Seed Oil Help with Weight Loss?

Move over, apple cider vinegar and green tea. Black seed oil's weight-loss benefits are giving the supplement some serious attention.

Canada’s Dietitians Are Lacking in Diversity–But Things Are Changing

“Food insecurity is a huge issue in Canada, among Black and Indigenous communities in particular, and we often see those...

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10 Surprising Ways Vitamin B12 Benefits Your Entire Body

Vitamin B12 benefits your entire body from your head down to your toes. Vegan or vegetarian? You may not be...

6 Rooibos Tea Benefits that Make It Worth Sipping

This tea has been around for centuries, but health experts are now finding that there are plenty of rooibos tea...

Buckwheat, a Protein-Rich Grain, Is a Nutritional Superstar—Here’s Why

From noodles to pancakes, what can’t this super seed do?

Is Soybean Oil Bad for You? 10 Nutrition Facts You Should Know

Soybean oil is a widely consumed oil used in thousands of packaged foods. Learn more about this component of most...

Is Salmon Healthy? 5 Benefits You Should Know About

Want to know all the reasons to fork into a fillet of salmon tonight? Read on for the many health...

Why It’s Time to Add Homemade Nut Butter to Your Diet

Almond, peanut, cashew, walnut—nut butters are the perfect hearty and healthful diet staple for fall.

Hemp Hearts vs. Hemp Seeds: What’s the Difference?

Hemp is a good source of protein. Here's what you need to know about the subtle nutritional differences between hemp...

We Tried It: Evive Frozen Smoothie Cubes, the Canadian Brand Shaking Up the Smoothie Game

The plant-based frozen smoothie cubes promise to make healthy eating quick and easy. Best Health's managing editor, Ishani Nath, put...

Are Pistachios Good for You? Their Nutrition, Calories, and Health Benefits

Pistachios are green tasty seeds packed with nutrition, especially protein. Here's what you need to know about calories, benefits, and...

3 Healthy Side Dishes for the Feast that Are Easy to Make

Try these nutritious and easy-to-make side dishes for a healthier holiday feast or weeknight dinner.

Coconut Milk vs. Coconut Water: What’s the Difference?

Which should you choose: coconut milk or coconut water? Experts help you decide. Plus, here are the real differences in...

Spearmint Tea May Be Able to Help Your PCOS Symptoms

Is there a wellness benefit to sipping a cup or two of spearmint tea a day?

6 Omega 6-Rich Foods You Should Be Eating

Omega-6s—a type of polyunsaturated fat—are good for your body. But they do come with controversy. Here are the pros and...

Avocado Oil Mayo vs. Regular Mayo: Is One Healthier Than the Other?

Here are the nutrition and benefits of avocado oil mayonnaise, how it stacks up against regular mayo, and a few...

Your Guide To Every Nut Butter Out There (and What Goes Best With What)

Use our guide to learn how and when to use nut butters—including almond butter, sunflower seed butter, and coconut butter.

Building Healthy Habits with DOSE

We incorporated DOSE low-sugar juices into our daily routine and here’s what happened.

Is Avocado Oil Healthy? What Nutritionists Need You to Know

Avocado is more than just a popular source of healthy fats that can be made into guacamole or slathered on...

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7 Common Probiotic Mistakes You’re Making

Are you sabotaging your probiotics? Find out how and when to take probiotics and avoid making these common mistakes.