Wondering what’s the healthiest sugar to eat? The health benefits of spicy foods? If drinking your greens is actually as healthy as eating them? We’ve got answers to all these questions—and so much more.

Bean counting

A primer on some of the most popular varieties of beans

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Green tea battles bugs

Green tea can make antibiotics up to three times more effective in fighting antibiotic superbugs, according to research presented at

Test your supermarket smarts

Putting the healthiest choice in your shopping cart isn't always easy, thanks to competing health claims

Five disease-fighting foods

Give your eyes, heart and overall health a boost with these smart picks

Trans fat 101

Get the facts on trans fats

Hey Canada, let’s ban trans fats

Why voluntary trans fat reductions alone likely won't prevent thousands of unnecessary deaths

Down with trans fats!

Want trans fats out of your food? Here's an easy way to make your opinion heard

Best Health meal plan snacks

Seven satisfying snacks on our meal plan

Best Health meal plan dinners

Seven delicious dinners on our meal plan

Best Health meal plan lunches

Seven delicious lunches on our meal plan

Best Health meal plan breakfasts

Seven tasty breakfast options for our meal plan

Shed pounds now

Our exclusive, dietitian-developed meal plan makes it easy (and oh-so-tasty!) to shed those unwanted pounds

The spices of life

Enjoy a health and flavour boost with herbs and spices

Spice up your life

Perk up your palate and your health with these spicy seasonings

Does organic mean healthier?

The answers on organics may just surprise you

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Whether you prefer a spin class, brisk walk or tennis game, nutrition is an important partner to exercise. Here's why...

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