Seeking the Ultimate Post-Workout Recovery?

Just add milk.

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Dairy Farmers of Ontario (DFO) is reminding Ontarians why milk is a vital, nutrient-dense drink. For those with a particularly active lifestyle, matching good-quality nutrition with exercise is the key to getting the desired results.

Local milk is an incredibly beneficial, well-rounded and wholesome drink. In fact, a single glass of milk boasts 15 essential nutrients—such as protein, vitamin B12, calcium, magnesium, and zinc—that work together to support a healthy body.


Milk the benefits

There are many science-backed reasons why milk is nutritious, with four benefits reigning supreme: energy, immunity, recovery and strength. And no, it’s not a coincidence that these four are also at the top of many peoples’ personal fitness goals.


Milk helps to satiate hunger and keeps you powered up. With the slow-burning energy of casein and the quick-burning energy of whey and lactose, your stamina is easily balanced from the beginning to the end of your workout. Not to mention, milk is also a great source of vitamin B12, an essential nutrient for converting food to energy in the body.


While not as commonly known, milk has lots of immune-supporting vitamins and minerals. In particular, vitamins A and D as well as zinc are great to have in your corner this time of year to keep your body’s natural defenses on high alert.


After a workout, your body’s nutrient and electrolyte levels need to be replenished. As a complete protein source (containing all essential amino acids), milk helps with muscle repair and maintenance of all bodily functions. As for the nutrients lost through sweat, milk’s electrolyte content (hi, potassium and sodium!) and fluid levels make it a perfect choice for rehydrating your body.


During your childhood someone likely told you to drink milk for strong bones, right? Well, consider this your reminder. Milk happens to be one of the most bioavailable sources of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium—all important nutrients for maintaining bone health. Regardless of how active you are, bone strength is essential for quality movement and longevity.


Have you herd?

DFO is helping Torontonians reach these four smart, nutritious choices to support their active lifestyles by adding milk into their daily routine.

DFO collaborated with Altea Active Toronto, a renowned fitness facility on the fringe of Liberty Village, to educate consumers on the nutritional benefits of milk. Aside from its top-class fitness studios and gym, Altea has a food and beverage space perfect for fueling members pre- and post-workout.

From January 23 – 25, DFO offered complimentary smoothies, packed with 15 essential nutrients, including nine grams of complete protein.

The surprise? All of the smoothie boosters were made using one very essential ingredient—milk!

Whether members were looking to replenish their energy post-workout or boost their immunity during the winter months, DFO was ready to meet their needs with a nutritious milk smoothie at Altea Active’s Smoothie Bar. Sometimes the best foods for a healthy diet are the simplest!


Making (moo)ves

If you weren’t able to visit Altea Active Toronto during DFO’s pop-up, we suggest incorporating milk into your daily routine—post-workout or otherwise. To level up your smoothie recipe, add just one cup of milk for an extra nine grams of protein.

The bottom line? Milk is a key player in supporting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. From its high protein content to its immune-boosting properties, you’re bound to find a reason to introduce (or re-introduce) it into your diet.

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada