The Juice on Pears

Four reasons we’re plucking up pears for National Nutrition Month!

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Hello, healthy habits!

March is National Nutrition Month—what healthy habits are you kickstarting? In our always-exciting endeavours to meal plan with nutrient-rich dishes that aren’t just delicious but chef’s-kiss-delicious, we’re happy to have rediscovered the perfection of the USA Pear. Here’s why (and how!) you should, too.

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Reason #1: They’re the sweet you should eat!

That perfectly sweet-but-not-too-sweet pear contains fructose, a natural sugar. Since pears are also high in fibre which slows digestion, the fructose does not cause a large spike in blood sugar levels. In fact, pears are considered low on the glycemic index with a score of just 38, meaning that they have a mild effect on blood sugar.

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Reason #2: They’re good for the gut, brain and body tissue

A medium pear (140 grams) clocks only about 84 calories with a whopping 18% of your daily recommended fibre, which boasts the beneficial prebiotic bacteria to support digestion and gut health. (Read: pears help keep you regular!) But that’s not all: Pears are a source of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C (7 percent). Their antioxidant-rich pedigree makes pears a healthy pick that supports brain health, gut health, tissue health and heart health.

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Reason #3: They’re ap-peeling

Sure, their unique shape and cute colours make them worthy of any artful countertop fruit display, but they’re ap-peeling in that the peels themselves are full of fibre and antioxidants, so be sure to eat your pears, peels and all.

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Reason #4: It’s easy to meal plan with pears

Versatile pears bring bright fresh flavour to about any dish. Add them to any—or every!—meal of the day. From grab-and-go breakfasts (you’ll make these Pear Protein Bars again and again) to light lunches (this Pear and Walnut salad with Citrus Dressing is seriously filling!) and simple yet delicious dinners (this Smoky Paprika Sheet-Pan Chicken with Pears, Potatoes and Carrots is always a hit with guests), mildly sweet and oh-so-refreshing pears complement your favourite savoury dishes. But let’s not forget dessert – this Roasted Pear Crumble with Honey Yogurt is a healthy spin on a decadent classic.

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Alexa, add pears to our grocery list!

Luckily, sweet, juicy USA Pears are always there in a crunch. (See what we did there?) Find them always “in season” at your local grocery store and blend, bake, roast or slice them into your day’s healthy dishes—and even your evening’s cocktails and mocktails! Of course, we still love them as a simple snack. Is your pear ripe? Here’s a hot tip: Check the Neck by applying a little pressure with your thumb near the stem. If it gives way to gentle pressure, it’s good to go! And when you just can’t wait for that pear on your countertop to ripen, store it at room temperature alongside other fruits, like apples or bananas.

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Pears galore—and then some more!

Pining for more pear inspiration? Here are a few more ways to plan healthy pears into your every day: Spring Greens and Layered Pear Smoothie, Kale Cabbage and Pear Salad with Citrus Dressing, Spiced Pear Chips—and there’s oh, so much more! Visit to discover a plethora of pear recipes to kickstart a renaissance with your new favourite healthy eating staple. Do it for you, your health—and for National Nutrition Month!

Originally Published in Best Health Canada