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8 Winter Meals That Are as Cozy as a Hug

Make room in your dinner rotation for these easy winter recipes that will have you eating in comfort until the warmer temps arrive.

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Whole Grain Risotto, slow cooker mealPhoto Credit: Ryan Szulc

Effortless Barley and Mushroom Whole-Grain Risotto

This easy and wholesome risotto is sure to bring comfort to your kitchen this winter season. Barley makes a delicious, satisfying whole-grain risotto, and the slow cooker makes it effortless.

Recipe: Effortless Barley & Mushroom Whole Grain Risotto

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slow cooker chicken stewPhoto Credit: Maya Visnyei

Lightened-Up Chicken Stew

The broth in this recipe lightens the dish and allows the healthy vege­tables to take a leading role. In fact, if you want to make it a soup instead, increase the broth. The saffron adds an interesting flavour.

Recipe: Lightened-up Chicken Stew

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Slow Cooker Beef Chili, recipePhoto Credit: Ryan Szulc

Slow Cooker Beef Chili

Make cool nights warmer with this hearty, slow cooker beef chili. This make-ahead recipe is perfect for those busy weeknight dinners.

Recipe: The Best Slow Cooker Beef Chili For A Cold Night In

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Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Rustic Creamy Pumpkin and Walnut Soup

This creamy soup is perfect for a crisp winter night or as a hearty starter at your next gathering. If using canned pumpkin, be sure to use pure pumpkin and not pumpkin pie filling. For an alternative recipe, you can also replace the pumpkin with butternut squash.

Recipe: Rustic Creamy Pumpkin and Walnut Soup

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vegetarian bolognesephoto credit: maya visnyei

Lentil & Mushroom Vegetarian Bolognese

Canned lentils are budget-friendly, busy-family weeknight warriors and a dinnertime saviour when paired with pre-made tomato sauce and quick-cooking pasta. And with a little prep, this dish can be on the table in just 20 minutes!

Recipe: Lentil & Mushroom Vegetarian Bolognese

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Photo Credit: James Tse

Classic French Onion Soup

This meal-in-a-bowl needs only a green salad to round it out as a dinner or a hearty lunch. Replace the toasted baguette slices with handfuls of ready-made croutons, if desired.

Recipe: Classic French Onion Soup

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Chicken-Curryphoto credit: maya visnyei

Chicken, Cauliflower and Sweet Potato Curry

This one-pot chicken curry makes dinner prep and cleanup quick and easy. With your tomato sauce prepared ahead, it just takes some pantry spices and a can of coconut milk to take your sauce from spaghetti night to exotic Indian delight.

Recipe: Chicken, Cauliflower and Sweet Potato Curry

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photo credit: shutterstock

Lean and Low-Cal Butter Chicken

This popular Indian-restaurant favourite is a crowd-pleaser but full of fat and calories thanks to oil, butter and cream. Indian cuisine is all about building layers of flavour with fragrant spices. Don’t be put off by the number of ingredients in this recipe; it is really simple to make. Most of it can also be prepared in advance for a quick and easy weeknight dinner.

Recipe: Lean & Low-Cal Butter Chicken

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