I Tried the Trendy Pretzel Dip Sex Move—Here’s What Happened

It was intimate, it was raunchy, it was delicious.

On a recent Wednesday night, feeling peckish and bored, I ordered a pizza and my situationship (a.k.a. the person I’m sort of dating) over to heat things up. We ate said pizza, drank some whiskey, and eventually slithered away to my bedroom.

It was my first time hooking up with this particular partner, and one of the few times I didn’t jump into bed on the first date. In other words, there was a fair bit of pent-up energy between us, which transpired into an evening of unexpected sexual acrobatics. It was a night that had it all: missionary, doggy, cowgirl, you name it. But none seemed to scratch my itch—until he rearranged my limbs, and entered me with that same satisfying feeling of sliding in a final puzzle piece. What was this position that felt just right? A buzzy move called “the pretzel dip,” which happened to be on my sex to-do list.

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Here’s how the move went: I lay on my right side, and he kneeled down, straddling my right leg. I wrapped my left leg around his torso and thrusted and grinded, and we used our hands to please each other further. We kept eye contact the whole time, dirty talking while tangled up together. Orgasming was easy, and every part of my body felt pleasure.

According to Rashida Ahmed, a Toronto-based sex educator and intimacy coach, the pretzel dip promotes greater intimacy than most other positions because it allows for greater eye contact and hand play, since you don’t need to hold yourself up. “Plus, for those with vaginas, there are a lot more nerve endings near the opening of the vaginal canal, so a position like the pretzel dip can allow for more direct clitoral stimulation,” says Ahmed. It can also be a great position for a partner who isn’t well-endowed or is average-sized, as it allows for deep penetration.

The pretzel deep also allows you to get deep, emotionally. My partner and I talked through each move and ended up discovering what pleases each other most. Thanks to all the eye contact, all other noise in the room disappeared and we were fully focused on each other. Ahmed says the pretzel dip is a common tantric sex exercise that she recommends to her patients. The position (even for couples who are fully clothed) creates a closeness where they can feel literally intertwined, synchronize their breathing and thereby connect more deeply.

What’s more, the position is gentle enough for someone like me who has PCOS and can experience pain from sex. According to Ahmed that’s because it’s not high impact, and can therefore be an ideal move for a range of people, including those with mobility issues.

But the position might not be comfortable right from the start. If not, Ahmed suggests trying different angles, straightening the leg if need be, and also bringing in pillows underneath the hip (as I did). You may also want to change your location, such as opting for a couch or a flat surface like the floor for more support, as additional bounce might just be too painful for those with hip issues. I used an especially fluffy comforter to wrap around us so we were padded in every direction.

No matter how you slice twist it, the pretzel dip gets the job done—and quickly, effectively, and repeatedly. “You can really allow yourself to have multiple orgasms with it,” says Ahmed, because it stimulates a lot more of the vulva and penis than other positions.”

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada