Sexual Health

What’s the best sex position? Are your sexual fantasies normal? Can you have sex on your period? We have all the answers down below.

What you should know about uterine fibroids

These benign tumours are common, but can cause abdominal pain, pressure, or other complications

News: Photo of woman in her underwear sparks debate about body image

Tired of being bombarded with images of skinny, airbrushed supermodels? So was Stella Boonshoft. That’s why the NYU student started

Your period through the decades: What’s normal?

It's common for your menstrual periods to change throughout your reproductive years. Here's how to tell whether those changes are...

5 health conditions women need to know about

Get to know these health conditions that only affect, or are much more likely to occur in, women

Is this the future of birth control?

Any one of these contraception methods could soon be available in Canada. Here's the latest research on birth control

What’s new in birth control

There are so many birth control options to consider today. Which one is right for you?

Can a simple procedure stop painful periods?

If you suffer from painful periods a simple procedure may be able to help. Find out if endometrial ablation is...

A surprising reason why you should track your periods

Tracking your periods is important for monitoring your health. You'll know when you're late, are more susceptible to pain and...

10 foods that fight breast cancer

Mounting research shows that healthy eating habits can put a significant dent in the estimated 23,000 new cases of breast...

Sex after breast cancer

How three women re-established their sexual identities, and the intimacy they craved, after surviving breast cancer

Do you need a personal lubricant?

Personal lubricants can relieve vaginal dryness and add zip to your sex life. But which one is right for you?

New treatments for incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a source of embarrassment for many Canadians'but it's much more common than you might think. Read on...

10 ways to help a friend who has cancer

We often don't know what we should'and shouldn't'say or do when a friend is diagnosed with cancer. Here's one woman's...

Bras after breast cancer

For many survivors of breast cancer, wearing the right bra and prostheses can go a long way in helping them...

4 ways friends are good for your health

Research shows pals are far more than good company'friends are good for your health

Infertility: Causes, symptoms and solutions

Getting pregnant, sustaining a pregnancy and achieving a live birth proves to be difficult for some couples. Here's what you...

Is your period bad for the environment?

From pads to tampons to liners, menstrual products can make your period bad for the environment. Want to go green?...

Coming soon: Medication to boost women’s libido

Women may soon be getting their own version of Viagra

Why women get Brazilians

Wonder why some women take it all off down there? One woman shares why she prefers to go Brazilian

3 ways to relieve PMS symptoms

Alleviate PMS symptoms such as pain, bloating and irritability with these drugstore remedies

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Foods that fight PMS

Beat PMS symptoms by adding these helpful foods to your diet

Your guide to healthy breasts

Like all our body parts, our breasts can undergo changes as we age. Some of the changes my simply be...

6 things you should know about your genital health

Been a while since your last sex-ed class? Brush up on your genital health IQ with these six common questions,...

Why sex hurts: Vulvodynia explained

Vulvodynia can have a devastating impact on a woman's sex life, her relationships and her lifestyle. But there are treatments...

“I Beat Breast Cancer at 33”

Young breast cancer survivor Stephanie Nugent takes to her feet to raise money in the fight against the disease, all...

13 ways to beat menstrual insomnia

No woman should have to toss and turn every month according to the whims of Mother Nature. Find out how...

Yeast infections: Diagnosis and treatment

Find out how to tell if you have a yeast infection, plus learn about your options for treatment