Warning: Your Showers Are About to Get a Lot Longer (But Not for the Reason You Think)

There’s a new showerhead on the market made by a company you probably wouldn’t expect—a sex toy company.

What’s taking up most of the time we spend in the shower? Washing our hair? Shaving? Or something more fun? It doesn’t come as a shocker that the shower is one of the most common places to masturbate, with almost 40 percent of people getting off in there at least once a month.

It makes sense: The warmth and pressure of the water stimulate skin and muscles, which increases blood flow to the genital area and can help trigger an orgasm, says Shamyra Howard, sex toy company Lovehoney’s sex and relationship expert. “It’s very common practice to masturbate with a showerhead since the bathroom is often a private space for many people.” But how do you get the water pressure just right to actually help you reach orgasm?

Enter: The Womanizer Wave, a newly-launched showerhead and clitorial stimulator made in collaboration with sex toy company Womanizer and German plumbing manufacturer Hansgrohe. It looks like an ordinary showerhead, but it offers three water jet patterns and an intensity slider so you can easily find the water pressure that feels best. I tried the Wave recently and have permanently made the swap. It provides the targeted stimulation that for me, leads to a continuous orgasm almost instantly. And, the adjustable water pressure is just as good for getting suds off my body as it is for getting me off.

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But of course, you don’t need a fancy new showerhead to masturbate as you suds up—your conventional showerhead can do the trick too. You can adjust your body and the showerhead so that the water flows directly onto your clitoris. Or, you can place the detachable showerhead on the floor and straddle it. Or, my fave: you can try placing it directly between your legs, with your thighs holding it up and shooting the water at the right spot.

Plus, it’s safe and sanitary to use your detachable showerhead to masturbate, even with the inevitable greyish-green limescale buildup (that yes you should probably clean every once in a while). But Howard confirms it should only be used on the vulva. In other words, don’t put the showerhead in your vagina, or it could lead to tearing (yeah, no thanks) or an infection.

Also, Howard advises being mindful of the water temperature, as hot water can cause injury to the vulva and surrounding skin. And another FYI: Don’t use soap while masturbating with a showerhead, as the water pressure can push soap inside the vagina which can cause irritations or infections.

So, adding a little self-pleasure to your shower time is perfectly safe—not to mention convenient. I mean, could you think of a less messy way to get off?

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