Love Yoga and Pilates But Don’t Have Time to Do Both? This Combo Class Is For You

Yogalates is the perfect class if you’re looking to improve your core — and we’ve got the feel-good gear that’ll help you look superb doing it!

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Try it if you like yoga and Pilates, but don’t have time to do both in a week

The gist of Yogalates

As its name implies, yogalates is a blend of yoga and Pilates. It’s difficult to define specifically how these two practices are fused because yogalates teachers tend to create their own blend, depending on what they want to target, says Susan Emery, owner and primary teacher at the Yoga Lounge in Toronto. For Emery, her brand involves combining yoga breath with movements targeting problem areas in the body, specifically the hips and pelvis which tend to be weak. Like many other yogalates teachers, Emery incorporates props into her class — in her case, weights, ropes and bars.

The inspiration behind this blended practice

Pilates was founded in the 1920s by German-born Joseph Pilates in an effort to help bedridden patients who needed core strengthening. Louise Solomon of Australia trademarked the yogalates method in 1997, incorporating a deep understanding of functional anatomy and core stability.

The benefits of Yogalates

It can be adapted to the needs of people taking it, regardless of their body type. Yogalates helps tone core muscles. It gives you exercise, helps you to strengthen and stretch, possibly lose weight and generally feel better.

The gear you’ll need

Dressing in feel-good necessities will put a spring in your step before you even get to class. Try bold colours grounded with neutral shades, and don’t shy away from prints. Look for smart details (like shorts with flash-reducing layers) or accents that elevate a sports bra. As the final note, upgrade to a pair of sneakers in a happy-go-lucky hue.

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Yogalates, Sports Bra
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Sexy n’ strappy

Balance out your style and wick sweat away with a scoop neck crop that was made for wearing in the studio and on the streets. Putting a modern twist on a trendy print, this sports bra will never go unnoticed.

New Balance Evolve Crop Top, $65 at

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Yogalates, black shirt
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Plain Jane

You can never go wrong with a black tee. Right, ladies? Sliming, comfy and always in style, this moisture wicking stretch fabric is the perfect staple piece for any workout that comes your way.

Joe Fresh Active Crew Neck Tee, $12 at

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Yogalates, Hyba shorts
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Vibrantly violet

Warmer weather is on the horizon so why not switch things up from your legging obsession and go for a pair of shorts. With an elastic waistband, side pockets, and built-in compression shorts you’ll be itching to get back to the gym in no time.

Hyba Solid Shorts, $31 at

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Yogalates, jacket
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Floral power

The power of a flower print is real, and if you think we’re kidding just wait until you try this bomber jacket on for yourself. It’s the perfect added touch to any pre or post-workout look!

Hyba Printed Bomber Jacket, $45 at

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Yogalates, Saucony shoes
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Vintage dream

Play up a classic sneaker with a pop of colour this spring! Not only is this shoe is retro and timeless, but it’s a one-of-a-kind addition to any look.

Saucony Jazz Original Vintage, $100 at

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