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We love supporting local — especially when it comes to proudly Canadian health and fitness gear that truly works. With this list of canuck brands and made-in-Canada merchandise (all tested by certified fitness expert Amanda Vogel), you’ll reach your health goals faster and easier. And don’t miss her pro tips for getting the most out of each item!

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Workout gear, the beam back stretching device
photo credit: the beam by nimbleback inc.

1. The Beam by Nimbleback

Developed by two Canadian besties, The Beam is a bendable, lightweight self-care tool made from foam and rubber. Its purpose is to help alleviate back pain, release muscle tension and encourage good postural alignment. Use The Beam multiple ways: lying down, sitting in a chair, standing against a wall or for basic yoga stretching.

Pro tip: Relieve back tension by lying on The Beam, placing it vertically along your spine, or flip it horizontally and put it under your butt for an effective hip opener. (Try these other natural home remedies for back pain.)

The Beam is available in gentle and firm versions, $39 at

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Workout gear, grey RYU t-shirt
photo credit: ryu

2. RYU Ethos sleeveless top

Part stylish tee and part cozy sweatshirt, the Ethos sleeveless top from Vancouver-based brand RYU is lightweight and lean, thanks to its tailored design and minimal seams. It’s the perfect workout gear item for transitioning seasons, when you still want warmth around your core but might overheat in heavy sweats.

Pro tip: Sport the Ethos sleeveless like a t-shirt on warmer days or layer it over long sleeves when it’s cool outdoors or you’re in an air-conditioned gym.

This running gear will also keep you toasty warm!

RYU Ethos sleeveless top, $117 at RYU in Vancouver and Toronto or

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Workout gear, woman leaping in the air wearing yoga leggings from Kristina Benson Art
photo credit: whitestwash photography

3. Yoga leggings from Kristina Benson Art

Kamloops, B.C. artist Kristina Benson uses a printing process that transfers her vibrant artwork onto comfortable, eco-friendly yoga leggings and capris. Benson’s artwork-on-activewear comes in numerous designs and styles, all created with uplifting and mindful messages to inspire your workouts or yoga practice.

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Pro tip: The leggings are almost too pretty to sweat in, but they’re durable enough to handle it. With their high-cut waistband, they work just as well for a high-impact run as they do in yoga class.

Kristina Benson Yoga Leggings, $99 at

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Workout gear, rose gold equalizers
photo credit: lebert fitness

4. Lebert EQualizers

A signature product from Ontario-based company Lebert Fitness, Lebert EQualizers are an all-in-one training tool that leverage your own bodyweight as resistance. Invented by a Canadian personal trainer, the workout gear (which comes as a pair) is sleek and portable enough to easily store at home. They’re available in multiple colours, but we’re naturally crushing over rose gold, a series created in collaboration with Insta fitness star Natalie Jill.

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Pro tip: Lebert EQualizers were designed to help you burn fat and strengthen muscles, but they’re pretty multi-purpose beyond that. Lift the bars (they’re eight pounds each) for more muscle challenge or configure them in different ways for stretching and cardio.

Find Lebert EQualizers in rose gold and other colours, $109 at

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Workout gear, pink Lululemon running shoes
Andrea Karr

5. Lululemon APL TechLoom running shoes

Lululemon sells shoes? Yes! Partnering with performance sneaker brand APL, Lululemon now provides stylish fitness footwear. Breathable, comfortable and stretchy, TechLoom running shoes perform well whether you’re on a track, paved trail or treadmill. Bling bonus: These rose-gold kicks shimmer when caught in the right light.

Pro tip: You’re supposed to tuck the laces under the shoe’s tongue for a minimalist look that pairs just as well with jeans or a skirt as it does with workout tights.

Lululemon APL TechLoom running shoes, average price $150 at

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Workout gear, Woman standing in a field wearing black Lunapads sport shorts
Andrea Karr

6. Lunapads sport short

Providing women with options during menstruation, Lunapads’ sport short allows you to exercise without having to wear a tampon. In fact, the uber-absorbent pad that inserts into the shorts can handle the job of three tampons (and no, it doesn’t look like you’re packing a monster pad). Driven by their mission toward sustainability and social responsibility, Lunapads partnered with British Columbia’s Kwantlen University to recycle textile waste from the sport short production into blankets, socks and more for those in need.

Pro tip: Even though the shorts are made from high-end, waterproof swimwear fabric, you wouldn’t want to commit to more than a quick dip. Best workout gear results on dry land: at the gym, out running or on the soccer field.

Find Lunapads sport short in sizes XS to XL, $80 at

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Workout gear, woman lifting a Merrithew soft kettlebell into the air
photo credit: merrithew

7. Merrithew soft kettlebells

Canadian company Merrithew is known for Pilates equipment, but they also offer other workout tools, including these cushioned kettlebells that are weighted with sand. Their soft, padded handles are more comfortable to grip than traditional kettlebells and protect against wrist strain, making them good introductory gear for kettlebell newbies. Using the attached straps, you can also wrap each five-pound weight around arms or legs to make common exercises more challenging.

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Pro tip: Traditional kettlebells are bulky and hard to store, but these flexible softies fit easily into a drawer or gym bag, folded in half or lying flat.

Merrithew Soft Kettlebell Plus, set of two, $49 at

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Workout gear, Woman wearing black and blue Knixwear athletic thong
photo credit: knixwear

8. Knix athletic thong

Designed in Toronto, Knix’s moisture-wicking athletic thong is seamless, so panty lines are a non-issue, even under body-con yoga pants. The gusset dries two to three times faster than cotton — and fights odour — making this piece the perfect performance-ready panty.

Pro tip: Knix specializes in underwear that absorbs light bladder or menstrual leaks, both of which can happen during exercise. Look for their leakproof line if you want backup protection.

Athletic style also available in bikini cut and leakproof, $22-$28 at

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Workout gear, black Lole bag
photo credit: lole

9. Lolë Lily bag

Pegged as a bestseller, this gym bag from Quebec company Lolë converts into a backpack and has a yoga mat compartment, not to mention a bunch of handy multifunctional pockets with secured zippers. There’s even a designated spot to stash your phone.

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Pro tip: When you’re not using the Lily bag as a gym tote, it doubles nicely as an overnighter or airplane carry-on.

Lolë Lily bag, $140 at

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Workout gear, a Balanced Box subscription filled with wellness goodies
photo credit: balanced box

10. Balanced Box

Founded in Edmonton, Balanced Box mails out curated care packages containing full-size, premium health, workout gear and/or wellness products — consider it a subscription to wellness. A typical package might include organic beauty products, healthy snacks, exercise accessories and more. Sign up and receive a new, seasonal box every three months.

Pro tip: Balanced Box ships across the country, but they also curate boxes especially for major Canadian cities.

Sign up for a Balanced Box at; $64 per shipment.

This gear will make your workouts way more fun.

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