Stay Motivated To Practice Yoga At Home With This Insider Trick

Yoga at home seems like a convenient plan. But when binge watching and the couch comes calling, it can be tough. Here is what to do.

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Yoga at home is convenient, but you still might need some motivation

When it comes to sticking to any type of fitness plan, I’ve learned about myself that it’s not convenience that will get me in my Lululemons – it’s accountability. I need an appointment to show up to – so a pre-paid yoga class, a personal training session, a booked bike for spin works for me. Committing to something like yoga at home is not something I could do – until now.

I connected with Sara Clark of YogaGlo, an Apple TV app with thousands of classes available with a $18/month subscription. Since she leads yoga classes on TV, she seemed like the perfect person to ask about staying motivated with yoga at home.

Keep it simple

Life is busy and that will forever be an excuse, so make your yoga practice workable within your schedule.

“Short and sweet is much more doable than feeling like a failure if you cannot commit to an hour-plus practice,” says Clark, adding that 20 to 30 minutes will work if you are consistent with your yoga practice at home.

Here are five tricks to making healthy lifestyle changes stick.

Keep it special

Create a spot in your home that is dedicated to doing yoga at home that.

“A special nook in one’s home is also helpful, preferably practicing around the same time every day,” she adds. “So you can both reap the benefits of practicing consistently while being held accountable for getting on your mat in the comfort of your home.”

These bodyweight workouts are a cinch to do on your living room floor.

Keep it interesting

Be strategic with your program options. YogaGlo offers a ton – hence the subscription offering – from “pre-natal to vinyasa, meditation to alignment, beginners classes to advanced,” says Clark. So give yourself goals that will motivate consistency in your practice. “You can learn how to perfect both your arm balances and your downward facing dog,” she says.

So next time you “namaste at home,” you’ll actually mean it!

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