Cardio, Stretching & Balance Exercises: This New Combo Class Has It All

Mix things up with a good sweat sesh followed by something a touch more relaxing. We tell you how, plus show off our favourite Spynga-worthy gear.

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If you like spin and yoga give Spynga a try

The gist of Spynga

Spynga is the marriage of spinning and yoga. The same teacher leads you through a spin class followed by a yoga class. All the postures and flows you do on the mat involve lengthening and strengthening what you have worked on the bike.

When you spin, you get out of your head and into the motion of your body and breath, says Casey Soer, instructor and owner of Spynga studio in Toronto and a franchise in Ohio. The lights are dimmed and atmospheric music moves you through the phases of the workout — from setting an intention for the practice, to sprinting, climbing hills and then cooling down. On the yoga side, the focus is on balancing, stretching your body and calming your mind.

How this practice came to be

While living in New York in the ’90s, Soer says she loved to spin, and her friend Sari Nisker loved to practice yoga; each would drag the other to their respective classes. Then one day at a café in Hell’s Kitchen, they thought, wouldn’t it be cool to put the two practices together? Thus the concept for Spynga was born. The two trade-marked the word and copyrighted their teaching concept. The goal? To “convert the spinner into yoga and vice versa,” says Soer.

The benefits of Spynga

The Signature Class — 30 minutes of spin, 30 minutes of yoga — will leave you feeling good, balanced, and ready to take on the next challenge that presents itself in your day.

The gear you’ll need

An intense journey demands items as focused as you are. Start strong with moisture-wicking everything, and consider high-waist bottoms that maintain a covered rear view from bike to mat. A super absorbent hand towel, cheeky cap and cool footwear will all pull together to make it look like you’ve killed it. Which, naturally, you have. Click ahead for our top six picks!

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Spynga, top and cap
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Workout hair don’t care

Who doesn’t love a good baseball cap to cover up a not-so-great hair day? Right, ladies?! And this cozy funnel neck sweatshirt… well, it makes for the perfect pre-warm-up workout layer.

Joe Fresh top, $34 at

Old Navy baseball cap $17 at

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Spynga, sports bra
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Give it all you’ve got

Every gal needs a sports bra — especially one that’s moisture wicking to help you stay dry.

Champion sports bra, $42, at

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Spynga, leggings
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Leggings for days

An intense workout calls for high-waisted leggings to keep you cool all class long! With four-way stretch fabric and mesh panels on the sides, this legging was designed to let your skin breathe.

Aurum Passion Mesh Insert Legging, $145 at

This gear alone will make you want to try Aerial Yoga.

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Spynga, shoes
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Breathe easy

Pull your fitness look together with a pair of high-intensity kicks. This shoe will help carry you through your toughest workout with its Nike Zoom Air cushioning.

Nike Air Zoom Strong 2 Workout Shoe, $145 at

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Spynga, towel
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Multipurpose companion

This hand towel is ideal for the sweatiest of sessions. Whether you’re in downward dog and want a little grip support or on a bike and in need of a desperate face wipe, this will be your new fave workout companion.

Manduka eQua Hand Towel, $16 at

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