8 Fitness Tips You Need To Know Before Joining Your Next Workout Program

Before you dive into your next workout program, make sure you read up on these fitness tips to ensure you get the best results possible.

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A healthier you starts today — but first, read these health and fitness tips

If you want to take control of your health, pick a starting date and go for it. But before you think about joining your next workout program, you might want to consider these expert health and fitness tips from Jesse Bruce, the co-founder and programming director of One Academy in Toronto. This is what he says you need to know if you want to get in the best shape of your life this year.

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1. How to never miss a workout

It’s simple: Try not to.

The expert’s fitness tips: “If you’re sick, haven’t slept, or are feeling burned out, it is definitely okay to take a day or two off,” says Bruce. “You’re better to rest and recover and come back strong and ready to crush a more quality workout than to struggle through, especially as you’re more liable to hurt yourself when you’re not putting in your regular effort.” But what isn’t an excuse for missing a workout is having no time. Bruce believes that in order to keep up your workout regimen you need to make yourself and your health as much of a priority as everything else in your life.

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2. How to ensure you’ll commit to your workouts

For one, your apparel can always help.

The expert’s fitness tips: “It’s great to have a few pairs of bottoms and some favourite tops you can always go to to make getting to the gym more efficient,” says Bruce, who insists that a good pair of comfortable shoes you can run and lift in are necessary, too.

“Lastly, find a gym that you can afford, is quality, motivates you, and you know you can get to regularly, so you get your money’s worth.”

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3. How to find the right instructor for you

If you’re a beginner or just need motivation, this is what you should look for in an instructor:

The expert’s fitness tips: When it comes down to motivation, it’s all about your mindset. “While a trainer can be there to push you, you need to find the bigger purpose to push yourself within — be it to get healthy for yourself, your family and children or to complete that 5K race you always hoped, and so on,” says Bruce.

And look for a passionate and experienced instructor. “A lot of great trainers have overcome adversity of some kind that brought them into the fitness world,” he says. Ultimately, it is their passion that will motivate and inspire you.

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4. How to save money and find the right class fit for you

The key is to look for a trial run.

The expert’s fitness tips: In order to save some money you may have to do your research and look for gyms that have some sort of trial run. “At One Academy we have a $20 first-week unlimited pass so people can try all the classes the facility offers and get a feel for the gym and community in which we operate,” Bruce tells us. It’s a great way to find the workouts that best suit your needs and tastes.

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5. How to ensure you feel good after a workout

If you’re just getting back into the swing of things, take it easy!

The expert’s fitness tips: Always make sure you’re eating and hydrating properly throughout the day leading up to your workout. It’s also important to cool-down. Take the time to “stretch and make sure you get protein with some carbs into your system after your workout,” says Bruce.

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6. How to get the appropriate amount of attention in class

If you’re a beginner, let the trainer know.

The expert’s fitness tips: Remember communication is key. “Most trainers will pay extra attention to beginners to ensure their form is right and that they’re feeling confident and comfortable,” says Bruce. “At One Academy, we often will put a newcomer with members that have been coming for awhile, so you get the hang of the formats by association and you’re never left feeling lost or out of place.”

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7. How to understand the difference between a good burn and pain

Do yourself a favour and erase the exercise motto “No pain, no gain” from your brain.

The expert’s fitness tips: “Put simply — if it’s still hurting after the movement is complete, it’s likely a pain and not a burn,” says Bruce. It’s important to not feel any pain in your joints, especially stabilizers like the shoulders and the hips. And as for a good burn, “it should be felt on the muscle that you’re working and shouldn’t ache, sting or throb.”

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8. How to stick with your program

In the end it all comes down to having one goal in mind.

The expert’s fitness tips: “We challenge them to pick a goal,” says Bruce about motivating his clients. “We then take a photo of them with that goal in front of our “I Can” wall to keep them accountable. Then they can also inspire others along the way through their fitness journey.”

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