The best health advice Mom ever gave you

From beauty tips to beating a cold, moms seem to have an answer for everything. Here is some of the best health advice moms have shared with us over the years

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Mom knows best

No matter what stage you’re at in life, it seems like Mom is always there, ready to share some advice. From what you eat to how much sleep you need, she has an answer for everything. And while we may not have listened to her pearls of wisdom as children, as we get older, we realize that she may have been on to something after all. (Thanks, Mom!)

We asked our readers to share the best health advice they’ve ever received from their moms. Here are some of the tips submitted to Best Health via Twitter and Facebook. Have some great advice from your mom? Tell us in the comments and we’ll add it to this list!

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Make breakfast a priority

If your mom wouldn’t let you head to school on an empty stomach, you’re not alone. “My mom started me off with a glass of fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice growing up every morning,” says @Orsolya_S. Facebook user Lisa Labranche-Gauthier says that her mom’s best tip was, “Never leave the house without breakfast.” “It’s simple,” says @GradhTanya, whose mom was also pro-breakfast, “but it’s the best feeling when you have a full stomach leaving in the morning!”


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Watch what you eat

It’s not just breakfast that Mom is worried about-you’ve probably also heard, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” (@Rainey63) and “Eat your vegetables!” (Shawna Dohms, via Facebook), more than once. It seems that moms have some strong opinions when it comes to our daily diets.

“What we eat matters,” is the message that @CraveChange used to hear, and it hasn’t been forgotten. “Thanks Mom, for not allowing soda or Cheetos in the house!”

“The best health advice my mom gave me was to eat a piece of fruit in the morning to avoid sugar cravings during the day,” says @anababygirl. Fruit was also popular with @alannabanks‘s mom, who said “Always have a piece of fruit for dessert and, if you must, only one cookie.”

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Look your best

When it comes to looking great, Mom’s advice isnt just about brushing your hair and watching your posture. Facebook user Heather Travis’ mom used to say, “If you moisturize, you’ll have legs like mine.” (And who doesn’t want fab-looking legs?)

Best Health readers’ moms also had a lot of tips for healthy skin. “Keep your face out of the sun!” says Laurie Flynn (via Facebook). But if you are heading out in the sunshine, take @ForVainity‘s mom’s advice: “Put on sunscreen-I wish I’d listened to her more!”

@DaisyRG0831 picked up another great skincare tip from her mom: “Wash your face and moisturize before going to bed, no matter how tired you are.” To keep your skin blemish-free, follow these words of wisdom from @fit_to_be_tied‘s mom: “Do your best not to touch your face to avoid skin breakouts and/or getting sick.”

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Get plenty of rest

She may not set your bedtime anymore, but Mom still wants you to get plenty of shut-eye. “It sounds rudimentary, but sleep,” says @InstantAshley. “[My mom] always insisted I get enough sleep, even today.”

Mom also wants you to know your limits. Facebook user Ruth Moquin’s mom taught her the importance of knowing “when to stop and when to keep going, when you are under the weather.”

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Keep it simple

Here are some of our readers’ most practical lessons from their moms:

“Don’t worry so much about germs. Worrying will make you sick faster than germs will.” @karmak1

“Listen to your body!” @FLPProducts

“Dress warm and practical in the winter instead of stylish and cool. I didn’t listen to her then, but boy do I now!” @Impressions

“Always brush your teeth after you eat and before you go to bed.” -Cynthia Dennis, via Facebook

“Everything in moderation!” -Lois McDonald, via Facebook

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Just be yourself

Our favourite mom-inspired piece of advice comes from @JoycyAJ: “Always paddle your own canoe.” No matter what you do in life, make sure you do it your way-although a little help from Mom never hurts.

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