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healthy eating

The first step to good health

The path to a healthier life begins with a few small, simple steps. From adjusting your diet to adopting new exercise habits, there are lots of easy ways to improve your health; sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration.

We asked our readers to share the best health advice they’ve ever received. Here are some of the healthy living tips submitted to Best Health via Twitter and Facebook. Have some great advice of your own? Tell us in the comments and we’ll add it to this list!

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sugar addictive

Ditch the sugar and refined foods

Giving your diet a healthy makeover can be as easy as cutting out a few nasty ingredients. “Eat food as close to its natural form as possible,” suggests Facebook user Natalie Lane. “Limit refined food.” What kind of refined food should you look out for? Here’s what our readers suggest.

• “Stop drinking pop.” – Lisa Hannam, Associate Editor

• “Hands down, best advice: cut out refined sugar.” – Ruby Chauhan

• “Stop munching fast foods.” @navenger

“Never eat anything with artificial sweeteners (any product labeled “diet” or “no sugar added”).@GlamourCoach

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fruits and vegetables

Eat more real food

Once you’ve cut out junk food, it’s time to stock your kitchen with healthy items. “Eat proper food, with variety,” suggests Nalia Mahmut, via Facebook. Experiment with different ingredients to be sure that you’re not eating the same boring meals day in and day out. Here are a few other suggestions to try, via Twitter.

• “Exercise and eat more fruits and vegetables!” – @Xiaoyiing

• “Cook and consume more vegetables.” @hjli

• “Eat more raw food, for sure.” @SamanthaDiamond

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Stop super-sizing your meals

If you’re trying to shed a few unwanted pounds, take a good look at how much food you’re piling on your plate. “Eat smaller portions,” suggests Lesley Mycock-Burt, via Facebook-and we couldn’t agree more. Practicing portion control is a great way to cut calories and maintain a healthier weight.

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exercise bikes

Get moving!

Diet and exercise go hand in hand, so it’s no surprise that Facebook user Christina Kepe’s best advice is to “Make fitness a regular part of your life and eat well.” If you’re new to working out, getting more exercise can be as easy as going for a daily walk.

Already making fitness a priority? “Keep moving!” says Kris Welder Wright, via Facebook.

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drink water large

Drink plenty of water

What’s the one healthy must-have the people always seem to forget? “Water, water, water,” says Facebook user Hilary Snowdon. We should all be taking @pistolandburnes‘ advice, which is simply, “Drink more water!” Apart from helping you feel better by keeping your body hydrated and eliminating toxins, water can also help you achieve fabulous-looking skin. Who can argue with that?

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beauty habits sleep

Make sleep a priority

Don’t get caught up in a cycle of late nights and early mornings. “SLEEP,” says @envypillow. “It’s not just rest! It is scientifically proven that lost sleep means we learn less.” Sleep is a critical element for better health as it impacts everything from mental focus to body weight and even the appearance of your skin. If you have trouble sleeping at night, try working a nap into your daily routine to help you feel more refreshed.

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self worth

Be your own biggest fan

“Be kind to yourself,” suggests @UdoErasmus. Believing in yourself is great for your self-esteem, and essential for your mental well-being. No matter what your health or fitness goals are, you’re more likely to achieve them if you stay positive. Recognize your achievements, reward yourself and remember to take it one step at a time.

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