This Gear Alone Will Make You Want To Try Aerial Yoga

Is hanging upside down your thang? Then you obviously need the right gear to match your newfound love for this whimsical and playful practice.

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Aerial Yoga
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Try it if you like something whimsical and playful, or the idea of hanging upside down

The gist of Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga, sometimes also referred to as AntiGravity Yoga or fly yoga, is a form of yoga that involves practicing various postures using a cloth hammock or “silk” suspended from the ceiling.

Where the practice began

Although its exact origins are unknown, Christopher Harrison, a former gymnast and Broadway choreographer, founded a form of aerial yoga trademarked as AntiGravity Yoga.

What are the benefits of Aerial Yoga?

With the support of a hammock, you can work on alignment (with less worries about balance), you can feel your spine lengthen and decompress without putting pressure on your joints, and you can release tension on your muscles and bones, says Marlene Sammy, co-owner of Fly Studio and Branch Yoga & Wellness in Toronto.

There’s a mental challenge as well. It’s cool to confront the emotion that can arise when you are upside down, and you are forced to let go without knowing where you are in space.

And as for what to wear

Essentials updated in a pretty palette work their magic when you’re ready to hang out. Balance soft prints with sporty textures, like a perforated tank top. And pairing a multi-strap bag with an equally chic ultra-light jacket instantly turns a post-class coffee run into a walk of fame. For more on these pieces, click to the next slide.

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Aerial Yoga, Bra Tank
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Aerial yoga essentials: Double trouble

If you’re looking for a duo, this breathable bra and lightweight tank are the perfect match. Fashionable and comfortable, what more could you ask for?

Lole Kalila Bra, $50 at

MPG Pink Mesh Tank, $17 at winners.

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Aerial Yoga, Leggings
Photo credit: GapFit

Aerial yoga essentials: Pastel love

These leggings come in a variety of prints that are sure to bring life to your outfit. And with gDry Moisture Wicking technology to help keep your skin dry, you’ll never want to take these babies off.

GapFit Print gFast 7/8 Leggings, $42 at

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Aerial Yoga, Jacket
Photo credit: Gap

Aerial yoga essentials: Metallic… why not?

A metallic finish on any jacket is sure to jazz up your vibe any day of the week.

Gap Metallic Parachute Parka, $124 at

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Aerial Yoga, Bag
photo credit: Lorna Jane

Aerial yoga essentials: Multi-strap wonder

A go-to bag for lugging around all of your yoga essentials. It’s perfect for wearing over your shoulder or as a backpack to and from the studio.

Lorna Jane Luxe Bucket Backpack, $70 at

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Aerial Yoga, Hair Tie
Photo credit: Hair Slinky

 Aerial yoga essentials: Perfect grip

No more tangles and slippage with this hair tie in your hair. And trust, you’ll be needing one of these when you’re hanging upside down.

Hair Slinky by La Vita Glam in Pastel (duo), $12 at

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Aerial Yoga, Bottle
photo credit: BKR

Aerial yoga essentials: On-the-go hydration

A glass water bottle is must to bring to any yoga class. Plus, this peachy pink colour is the perfect way to welcome spring!

BKR Gloss Little Peachy Pink Water Bottle, $45 at

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