3 Healthy Morning Habits of One of Toronto’s Top Spin Instructors

Casey Soer, one of Toronto’s top spin instructors, shares how her morning routine keeps her feeling strong and energized all day.

photo credit: shutterstock

Anyone who’s taken a spin class knows that cycling instructors have a ridiculous level of stamina. And truth be told, that energy doesn’t just disappear when they’ve finished their last class—it lasts all day long.  For this reason, we’ve asked one of Toronto’s top spin instructors, Casey Soer a spin instructor at Spynga (a studio that marries the best of spinning and yoga) to share how she stays energized throughout the day.

Her secret? It’s all in your morning routine. Take Soer’s word for it. Here’s how to start your morning off on the right pedal.

1.  Make time for yourself

“My mornings begin pretty early as I’m a mother of three boys under eight. However, I do try to take time for myself each morning before everyone in the house wakes up.”

“My morning routine always involves a cup of coffee and a healthy breakfast so that I have the energy for a jam packed day. I also like to write a mini ‘to do list’ which helps me stay organized and set my intentions for the day.”

Best Health tip: For a peaceful morning, don’t check social media until you head out the door.

2. Think protein

“I love high-protein snacks like chia or chocolate flavoured chia puddings soaked in almond milk. (Two teaspoons of chia seeds has 8g of protein).  They keep me full and satisfied, and they’re the perfect on-the-go snack before or after teaching a spin class.”

Best Health tip: If you’re not a fan of chia, eggs are another excellent source of high-quality protein.

3. Break a sweat

“I prefer morning workouts as I usually have the most energy at this time of day. (On days) I’m not teaching a class, I try to sneak in a strength-training or yoga class mid-morning at the studio. I believe the best way to start your day is with exercise of any form – whether it be a spin or yoga class, or even a run with a friend.”

“To me, the benefits of a morning Spynga class is clear – get sweaty, burn a whole bunch of calories, tone, strengthen and finish it all off with a juicy stretch!”

Best Health tip: Make sure you get to your morning workout on time by packing your gym bag the night before.