Here Is What To Expect From A Spinco Spinning Class

Spinco just opened a new location in Toronto, and we were just spinning our wheels to check out the new space and the classes.

spinco toronto michelle augustphoto credit: Spinco

Spinco opens up in downtown T.O. and here is exactly what we think

Ever go to a fitness class and think to yourself: “This is not what I thought it was going to be.” Well, we hate that. So that is why the crew at Best Health created this 3D approach to reviewing a new gym or studio. That means we give three different view points of the new class. Your BH Tribe just hit up the new Spinco location at 129 Spadina Avenue in Toronto. Here is what we thought.

But first, the gist of the class, according to Canadian fitness chain Spinco

“It is our mission to empower and inspire our community. We are in the business of revolutionizing lives and know that our work is never done. We believe that strength comes from within, but that we are stronger as one. Our aim is to infuse our community with a positive, never-quit attitude, which reaches far beyond the doors of our studios. This is our culture. We believe in it. We live it. We breathe it. It’s who we are.”

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And now, our thoughts

The Pilates Practitioner

“If you’re the type of person who has a hard time sticking to a cardio regime, then Spinco just might work for you. It is a fun way to sneak in an hour long cardio session, as the upbeat music and energetic spin instructor make the time fly by. The surprising part of this workout is that your arms – not just your legs – also feel the burn the next day. Between the dips while spinning and arm work with hand weights, your upper body is not left out! Insider tip: wear layers as it gets pretty warm, so you’ll want to take them off as the room heats up.” – Ashley Leon

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The Yoga Enthusiast 

“As someone is who is used to a more basic spin class at a regular gym, this was like a – really intense – treat. Clip-in shoes, barely-there lighting and a mid-class arm workout with weights were definetly outside of my comfort zone, but a welcomed change. I found I pushed myself harder in that motivational atmosphere.” – Courtney Reilly-Larke

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The Gym Rat

“When I work out, I obsessive about form, regimented structured classes and am ready for an instructor to critique my every move. So this class was a bit out of my comfort zone. In place of yelling numbers about cadence and RPMs, the instructor Adam kept telling us to dig deep, get motivated and be appreciative of the fact that we showed up on a Monday. On. A. Monday! As for working harder – it is an intense class – we were told just to turn the dial to increase the intensity throughout the class. No half turn. No full turn. It was up to me, and that was a change for me. But, you know what, making cardio fun is kind of genius.” – Lisa Hannam

spinco Toronto spadina openingphoto credit: Spinco