Hello Gorgeous Skin: The 3 Best Ways To Protect Your Skin

Worried about a skin issue like dark spots, spider veins or acne? We’ve got the skin fixes that will help protect your skin and keep it looking youthful.

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Protect Your Skin from Dark Spots
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Avoid sun spots without avoiding the sun

Don’t leave home without SPF. If it’s not the crux of your routine, dark spot and anti-aging products don’t stand a chance, says Naomi Furgiuele, senior director at Johnson & Johnson. “If you’re exposing skin to the sun without protecting it, you’re not really fixing anything because you’re causing more damage.”

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Protect your skin from spider veins
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Work out those varicose veins

“Exercise is the number one prescription for healthy veins, but not all exercises are created equal,” says Adrian Veinot, a level four personal trainer with GoodLife Fitness Park Lane in Halifax. He advises walking, running and biking, which stretch and strengthen calf muscles and improve blood flow as a natural skin remedy. But classic leg lifts are also effective. Lie on your back, slowly raise one leg, pause and repeat with the opposite leg.

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Skin fix for adult acne, a woman with glowy skin smiling
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Treating Adult Acne, Naturally

A good diet equals good skin. Two things that are instantly noticeable on registered holistic nutritionist and real-food media expert Kim D’Eon’s Instagram feed (@kimdeoncom) are her mouth-watering healthy food pics and her clear, beautiful skin. “Reducing inflammation from the inside out is a key component to fighting acne,” says D’Eon.

Natural skin remedy? Ground flaxseed is one of her blemish-fighting pantry essentials. “These little super-seeds are super-high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are powerfully anti-inflammatory,” she says. “They’re also great at balancing hormones.” Aim for two tablespoons a day – you can add them to smoothies, porridge, soups and salads.

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada

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