Say Buh-Bye to Dark Spots & Uneven Skin Tone With This Beauty Solution

Don’t let pigmentation problems overshadow your confidence.

Dark Spots, woman looking at her face in the mirrorphoto credit: shutterstock

Dark spots bothering you? We’ve got the solution for you!

If you’re dealing with dark spots, it’s likely that you’ve been carefree with sun exposure or keen to pick a zit in the past. Vow to do better in the future while creating a flawless face here and now. The good news is that getting rid of dark spots is totally achievable with the right makeup.

“Most people tend to go with a heavy foundation to mask the spots, but I find that using a light foundation and heavier concealer can do the trick and not look like you’ve caked on makeup,” says Wendy Rorong, a makeup and hair artist and manicurist in Toronto.

Her secret weapon? Corrector. “First, apply a lightweight foundation all over to give you an even base. Next, apply the corrector with a small precision brush only on the spots. Then, with the same brush, apply a cream concealer that is the same shade as your skin tone on top of the spots you’ve just corrected.”

For a seamless match, Rorong stocks her kit with peachy tones for fair skin and orangey shades for medium to darker skin.

Now for the treatment

Is it a coincidence that the best spot treatment is a laser called Halo?  Dr. Julia Carroll, a dermatologist and founder of compass dermatology in Toronto describes this skin-brightening, collagen-boosting two-in-one laser as one of the biggest breakthroughs. “It heats the face in little fractionated patterns, deep down into the skin,” she says, “and it creates removal of skin on the surface that is very helpful for pigmentation.”

The procedure is customizable, depending on the amount of damage and skin type, but her guideline is once a year for those under 50 and twice yearly for anyone 50-plus. “We can turn it up or down, depending on the amount of downtime people have, their threshold for discomfort and what we’re trying to achieve,” she says.

Expect a feeling that’s sort of like electricity, and know that numbing cream is always an option. “Some find it completely tolerable and have no problem, while some are just irritated by that sensation on the face,” she says. “Recovery time for redness, peeling and slight swelling also varies from person to person.”

The treatment will cost you approximately $1,250, which includes $300 worth of products that complement the treatment.

Originally Published in Best Health Canada