5 Anti-Aging Foods That Support Beautiful, Youthful Skin

Your diet is an essential part of anti-aging. Make sure you load up on these anti-aging foods to help keep you young

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Prevent the look of aging with food

As you age, it’s important to increase anti-inflammatory foods such as fruit, vegetables and oily fish, and limit pro-inflammatory foods such as meat, processed foods and refined sugars, says Leslie Beck, a Toronto-based registered dietitian and author of Leslie Beck’s Longevity Diet: The Power of Food to Slow Aging and Maintain Optimal Health and Energy. Here are her top five anti-aging picks:

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Anti-aging foods: Berries

Pick a berry, any berry. The antioxidants they contain are crucial for keeping you young.

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Anti-aging foods: Cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous veggies like broccoli and cauliflower help the liver break down and excrete toxins.

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Anti-aging foods: Kale

This leafy green veggie is full of vitamin K, potassium and lutein that help maintain healthy bones and vision, and keep blood pressure in check.

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Anti-aging foods: Black beans

Keep your pantry stocked with black beans – their slow-digesting plant protein, fibre and high antioxidants will help slow the aging process.

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Anti-aging foods: Green tea

Green tea can be enjoyed hot or cold. Either way, it is full of flavonoids that may protect against heart disease and certain cancers.

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