How a CEO Maintained Her Fitness Goals While Travelling 24/7

For Jessica Hung, being a CEO means lots of travel – but little did she realize how essential setting fitness goals were for her health.

Jessica Hung

In order to maintain a healthy mindset, setting fitness goals are key

But travelling for work doesn’t always give Jessica Hung, CEO of Parasol Co., a global diaper brand much time to focus on herself. “I’m constantly travelling for business, and my health and wellness often take a back seat when I’m on the road,” says Hung. She has quickly come to learn just how important it is to take the time to check-in with yourself and set fitness goals, which is her #BHmoment.

“I set the intention to maintain my fitness regardless of where I was, what timez one I was in, or how hectic my schedule was. I can’t run my business to the best of my ability if I’m not in a good state of mind, and that starts with my health.”

And preplanning her road to a healthy mindset was exactly what she did –  and this is how she did it.

First steps

“One of the most helpful steps for me was incorporating workout gear into my everyday wardrobe — so glad athleisure is in style right now! I’m always in sneakers, and between meetings I run, stretch and do yoga. Those spare minutes can really add up, and have helped me stay on track with my fitness goals,” she says.

“I’ve also realized that as I get older, my fitness habits need to change along with me. It’s even more important for me to watch my diet now, and weight training really helps to keep me toned in a way that I hadn’t recognized before.”

This Olympian knows a thing or two about achieving goals, and here’s how you can too!

What she’d like others to know

“Find a community that you like to work out with — it makes all the difference! I started practicing hot yoga five years ago with CorePower Yoga, and I can’t imagine working out anywhere else now. I love their instructors and there’s such a great sense of community in the classes.  Finding that sense of belonging and synergy with your studio will keep you going.”

The importance of putting yourself first

“My energy level is higher than it’s been in years, and it reflects in my mental state of mind. My relationships with friends and family are also stronger and more positive, because they feel this renewed sense of energy in me too and feed it back. It’s a really great cycle that all starts with how you prioritize yourself.”

What she tells her friends

“Embrace change — routine isn’t always a good thing if you’re stuck in a rut,” she says. “Think about the future you want and create it for yourself, because that’s the surest way that it will happen.”

Sometimes your own advice is the best advice

“The company that I run is centered on youthfulness, positivity and an artful approach to life. I realized that I needed to apply this ethos to my own routine, and it turns out the best advice I could have taken was my own.”

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