This New Live Streaming Program Will Forever Change How You Workout At Home

Why go to the gym when you can workout in the comfort of your own home? Celebrity trainer Chrissy Lundgren has the perfect workout program for you.

Celebrity Trainer, Chrissy Lundrenphoto credit: Jesse DeYoung/JDY Photography

Working out at home may be convenient, but Chrissy Lundgren is proving it can also be fun

For celebrity trainer, Chrissy Lundgren (who has worked with Emmy Rossum, Julianne Hough and, Tracy Anderson), inspiring people to take care of their health has been a lifelong dream, but it was really her own health setback that led her to rethink how hard she was pushing herself. “My #BHmoment was to really listen to my body,” says Lundgren. “I went through a lot of personal trials the past year that led me to an injury that stopped me in my tracks.”

“Your body will tell you when to push harder or when it is time to take a break. We all push ourselves to the limit every day. Sometimes we need to stop and breathe. Now I tackle every day with drive, passion, perseverance, determination, and with a positive mind.”

And positivity is exactly what she bases her new workout program Burn it Off by Chrissy around. “I want Burn it Off by Chrissy to be a way for people to improve themselves in a positive way.”

Why she decided to launch her program

“I really love helping people achieve their fitness goals, and I want to be a part of their journey from start to finish,” she says. “It gives me great satisfaction and makes me feel so happy to see someone gain confidence in themselves after starting a program with me. I like to get more personal with the client because it helps them to connect their mind and body with the emotional and physical side of fitness and helps them obtain their goals. I know the human connection is so important and sometimes my workout sessions feel like a therapy session as well. It’s all part of achieving those fitness goals.”

And when you work out, it’s only natural to go to a very vulnerable place. “I want to connect with my clients and let them know I’ll always be there for them,” Lundgren says. “Whether they need to vent about their lives, health, fitness, or nutrition. Plus, I believe I have a very fun personality that makes the hour you spend with me working your butt off more enjoyable — and you may even forget you’re doing it.”

Fingers crossed, right?

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The inspiration behind making it a streaming program

“I wanted to provide effective workouts to everyone, not just in the area where I live,” she says. “Health is such an important part of life. Keeping our bones and hearts healthy is essential as we grow older. I also wanted to provide convenient and easily accessible/affordable workouts to busy people who may not always have time to go to the gym. I decided there shouldn’t be excuses for not getting that workout in because working out helps you stay disciplined and be more productive in all areas of your life.”

What users should expect

“They will get a full-body workout, which includes arms, abs, shoulders, back, glutes, legs — you name it. Plus cardio,” she says. “I change up the session every week so you won’t know what’s coming. Therefore, you’ll see changes in your body immediately. Starting this week, there will be a weekly class that streams live for an hour every Sunday. And currently, there are workouts that are accessible on the website at any time. The workouts can be accessed from any streaming device including mobile phones and tablets, so you’ll have access to workouts no matter where you go.”

What makes this streaming workout so effective

“I’ll be with clients the whole way and answer any questions they may have about the program or nutrition,” she says. “They’ll have a knowledgeable personal trainer at their disposal and someone who is there to encourage them along their fitness journey. I’ll have an open group discussion as well so everyone will be held accountable for doing the workouts. Plus, if you’re streaming the workout, you’re less likely to quit. You’ll complete the moves with the class and will be motivated by everyone’s hard work. It really makes you push yourself! If you’re competitive — it’s even better.”

Her advice for staying motivated

“Set goals for yourself,” she says. “Make a chart of where you’d like to be and by what date. That will keep you accountable. Plan times to workout. So it’ll be like setting a time to go to a class. If it’s on your calendar, you’ll tend to make it happen. Ask a friend or spouse to join you.”

Lundgren also suggests signing into the group chats. “Everyone there will be on your side and want you to succeed.”

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