33 New Standout Beauty Products You Need to Know About

Best Health staffers and their most trusted confidants are trying the latest skin, hair, and makeup products to find this year's greatest hits. Here, the best beauty products of 2020.

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best beauty products 2020 | Nécessaire body cream
Image Credit: Nécessaire

The First Fragrance-Free Lotion We Love

“Research shows beauty products that contain ‘fragrance’ can cause a negative reaction for those with sensitive skin. Since I’m one of those people, it’s no surprise I’m crazy about new beauty brand Nécessaire and its line of fragrance-free products. The body lotion is my favourite—it moisturizes and soothes my redness-prone skin. The best part: It’s now conveniently available at Sephora for Canadians.” —Renée, digital editor

 Nécessaire The Body Lotion, $34, sephora.com

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best beauty products 2020 | marvis mouth wash
Image Credit: Marvis

Keep It Fresh

“Marvis’s new mouthwash comes in a strong mint flavour and will keep your breath smelling good for hours. Tip: Use it before venturing outside during the pandemic, to keep the humid space under your face mask fresh.” —Renée, digital editor

Marvis Concentrated Mouthwash, $25, well.ca

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best beauty products 2020 | CND Cherry Apple
Image Credit: CND

Pay Tribute to Fall Fruits

“CND has released a deep delicious red, called ‘Cherry Apple,’ for fall. It feels like a new season update to summer’s classic poppy red. The colour comes in their long-wear formula, which means one application should get you through the week or more, chip-free.” —Renée, digital editor

CND Vinylux Long Wear Polish in Cherry Apple, $13, Shoppers Drug Mart

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best beauty products 2020
Image Credit: Foreo

Feel the Pulse

“Sonic pulsations stimulate and cleanse skin quickly and thoroughly with this gym-bag friendly device.” —Courtney, managing editor

Foreo Luna Mini 3, $209, foreo.com

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best beauty products 2020
Image Credit: Weleda

Get Deep

“A satisfying clean that goes deep without stripping skin.” —Courtney, managing editor

Weleda Gentle Cleansing Foram with Witch Hazel Extracts, $20, well.ca

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best beauty products 2020
Image Credit: Laneige

A Tall Drink of Water

“This lightweight serum quenches skin while preventing water loss, thanks to its vitamin-rich, mineral water base.” —Courtney, managing editor

Laneige Water Bank Hydro Essence, $51, sephora.com

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best beauty products 2020
Image Credit: Vichy

Starry Eyed

“Strengthen delicate skin and smooth fine lines with this easily absorbed gel cream.” —Courtney, managing editor

Vichy Minéral 89 Eyes, $35, shoppersdrugmart.ca

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best beauty products 2020
Image Credit: Cerave

It Serves and Protects

“Essential ceramides, vitamin 85, and hyaluronic acid soothe and restore skin’s protective barrier.” —Courtney, managing editor

Cerave Hydrating Serum with Hyaluronic Acid, $26, shoppersdrugmart.ca

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best beauty products 2020
Image Credit: Well Kept

Smooth Operator

“You might use a bamboo toothbrush and paper straws, but what are you shaving your legs with? Disposable plastic razors can clog up landfills, too! Maybe it’s time to try a safety razor, where the only thing you dispose of is the blade. You’ll get a great shave, sans nicks.” —Courtney, managing editor

Well Kept Safety Razor Dusty Rose, $68, thedetoxmarket.ca

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best beauty products | bug spray
Image Credit: Puressentiel

Reality Bites

“Staving off mosquito bites just got a more pleasant. This spray uses essential oils (more specifically, a 30 percent concentration of lemon eucalyptus) in lieu of chemicals to keep mosquitoes away for up to six hours.” —Courtney, managing editor

Puressentiel SOS Bite & Sting Insect Repellent, $17, well.ca

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best beauty products of 2020
Photo Credit: Province Apothecary

Revitalize your body

“Enriched with organic, wildcrafted ingredients, this body oil absorbs like a dream. I will either apply the oil after I get out of the shower to damp skin or add a few squirts into an Epsom salt bath.” —Alyssa, assistant digital editor

Radiant Bath + Body Oil, $28, provinceapothecary.ca

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best beauty products of 2020

Nourish each strand

“Made with natural oils like rosehip, avocado and jojoba, this hair oil leaves each strand feeling soft and frizz-free.” —Alyssa, assistant digital editor

Luxury Hair Oil, $42, voirhaircare.ca

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best beauty products of 2020
Photo Credit: Innisfree

Daily refresher

“Formulated with cherry blossom leaf extract to help replenish dehydrated skin, this face mist is a product I like to apply throughout the day. It gives my skin some hydration and a subtle glow.”  —Alyssa, assistant digital editor

Dewy Glow Mist, $23, innisfree.com

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spring beauty regimen
Photo Credit: Gucci

Scents & Sensibility

“This spring scent is all about #balance: fresh notes of bergamot, grapefruit and violet are countered by musky patchouli and amber. And this brand new fragrance comes in a retro-chic bottle, so even it’s outsides are even-steven.” —Courtney, managing editor

Gucci Guilty Love Edition Pour Femme, $117, sephora.com

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spring beauty regimen
Photo Credit: Hot Tools Professional

Brush with greatness

“When hair has a mind of its own (I’m looking at you, textured tresses!), it’s hard to create consistency in style. Many of us rely on a bag of tricks to coax our hair into submission. We were thrilled—if not mildly skeptical—to try this new hairdryer brush. There are a few variations on the market, but what sets this one apart is its oval shape, which translates into more lift at the root. Combined with ion technology and multi-length bristles, this helps deliver a sleek and silky blowout—not just on a good day but every day. The tool may look bulky, but don’t let that intimidate you: It’s actually lightweight and manoeuvrable.” —Courtney, managing editor

Hot Tools Professional Black Gold One-Step Blowout, $150, chatters.ca

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spring beauty regimen
Photo Credit: Moroccanoil

Try a new hue

“Usher in a vibrant spring with your locks! These hair masks are a twofer: An amino acid blend and apricot kernel oil hydrate dry winter hair while depositing a subtle hint of colour. From vibrant hibiscus to trendy rose gold to rich cocoa, you can play around—these tints wash out in just a few shampoos.” —Courtney, managing editor

Moroccanoil Color Depositing Masks, $32, sephora.com

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spring beauty regimen
Photo Credit: CND

Put spring in your step

“Craving warmer days and the fresh scent of spring flowers? This new English Garden collection from CND can help satisfy that yearning. ‘This collection feels like the start of spring in a bottle,’ says Jan Arnold, co-founder and style director for CND. ‘It’s a whimsical selection of pastels made for the season that will transport you to a gorgeous garden getaway.’ Best Health faves include Soft Peony, Lady Lilly and Magical Topiary.” —Courtney, managing editor

CND Vinylux Long Wear Polish, $12, chatters.ca

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spring beauty regimen
Photo Credit: Saje

Have a soak

“Showers are convenient, no doubt, but baths can actually improve your mental and physical health. According to a recent Japanese study, fatigue, stress and pain scores are significantly lower when bathing than showering. If you need more convincing, check out these new bath salts. The blend of natural salts and essential oils pampers the skin while contributing to overall wellness.” —Courtney, managing editor

Goddess Euphoric Bath Salt Soak, $10, saje.com

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best beauty products
Image Credit: Caudalie

The perfect moisturizer

“I’ve always been a huge fan of Caudalie, first falling in love with the brand’s cult-favourite Vinoperfect moisturizer—until it was no longer available in Canada. But this year, the French brand has re-released its much-loved face cream with an updated formula. Made with anti-aging ingredients like squalane, it makes your complexion look luminous, without feeling oily; hydrated, without clogging pores.” — Renée, digital editor

Vinoperfect Instant Brightening Moisturizer, $79, caudalie.com

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Best beauty products 2020 | L'Oréal Age Perfect Radiant Satin Blush
Photo Credit: L'Oréal

A delicate flush of colour

“I tend to stay away from powder blush because of the dehydrated effect it gives my complexion, but L’Oréal’s new Age Perfect blush is unlike any product I’ve ever used before. Formulated with camellia oil to help protect skin from drying out, this blush sits effortlessly on cheeks for a dewy flush of colour. I love to sweep it over the bridge of my nose, chin and forehead as well for a natural sun-kissed glow.” —Alyssa, assistant digital editor

L’Oréal Age Perfect Radiant Satin Blush in Peony, $16, beauty.shoppersdrugmart.ca

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Best beauty products 2020 | Klorane Smoothing and Relaxing Eye Patches
Image Credit: Klorane

Soothing eye patches for achy, irritated eyes

“I applied these under-eye patches after experiencing dry, irritated skin around my eyes from another product and got immediate relief. These patches feel chilled when applied, providing relief to irritation as well as a calming feeling. After removing the patches, the skin around my eyes looked super hydrated and smooth, and any redness disappeared.” —Renée, digital editor

Klorane Smoothing and Relaxing Patches With Soothing Cornflower, $32, ulta.com

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Best beauty products 2020 | Fresh Rose Toner
Image Credit: Fresh

A hydrating toner

“This product is light and refreshing, smells incredible, and does wonders for dry skin. Upon applying, there’s wonderful tingling sensation. It feels oily, but it absorbs quickly into the skin. It’s become part of my daily routine,” Meri, project manager

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner, $59, sephora.com

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Best Beauty Products of 2020 | Suncoat Plant-Based Nail Polish Remover
Image Credit: Suncoat

An eco-friendly nail polish remover

“Finally, a green solution to chemical-laden nail polish removers. Made from corn stock fermentation and enriched with vitamin E, this Canadian creation is also biodegradable and vegan. Best of all, it performs without compromise.” —Courtney, managing editor

Suncoat Plant-Based Nail Polish Remover, $12, well.ca

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Best Beauty Products of 2020 | Elizabeth Arden Limited Edition Advanced Ceramide Capsules
Image Credit: Elizabeth Arden

A serum in a league of its own

“This limited edition of Elizabeth Arden’s much-loved Ceramide Capsules was released in honour of Chinese New Years. (Full disclosure: Although the packaging is new for 2020, the capsules are not as new, but I’ll take this roundup as an opportunity to gush about them.) The formula comes in individual biodegradable capsules, which prevent it from oxidizing. What does this mean? The serum is super potent—it brightens, firms and moisturizes skin like no other serum I’ve tried.” —Renée, digital editor

Limited Edition Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum, $107, elizabetharden.com

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Best Beauty Products of 2020 | Neostrata Restore Face Mask
Image Credit: Neostrata

A face mask that helps beat winter blues

“Facial oils have their place in combatting dry and dull winter skin, but sometimes you just want something a little lighter. Enter Neostrata Restore Bionic Oxygen Recovery—a foaming face treatment that delivers a similar glow without feeling greasy. The added bonus to this five-minute facial? A few seconds after applying the creamy formula, it bursts into a fine foam, which proceeds to pop—bubble by tiny bubble—creating quite a delightful tickling sensation. A luxurious little pick-me-up for February! —Brett, executive editor, digital, at Reader’s Digest

Neostrata Restore Bionic Oxygen Recovery, $78, well.ca

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Best Beauty Products of 2020 | CTZN Nudiversal Lip Duo
Photo Credit: CTZN

A nude lip shade for every skin tone

“Most nude lip shades are not inclusive of every skin tone, but CTZN has over 25 shades of nude to choose from. I used their online ‘Get Matched‘ feature, which allowed me to find the nude finish I was looking for: Ibiza, a slightly darker shade with brown and blush undertones. The product is double-ended, with a matte lipstick on the top and a lip gloss on the bottom, and acts as a lip balm, keeping my lips hydrated thanks to wild mango butter.” —Alyssa, assistant digital editor

Nudiversal Lip Duo, $25, CTZNcosmetics.com

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Best Beauty Products of 2020 | Detox Mode Impossible Soap
Image Credit: The Detox Market

A sustainable hand soap that smells super expensive

“My favourite hand soap is Aesop’s Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash, but at $51, it’s a little too expensive for me. Luckily, this new soap from The Detox Market’s brand Detox Mode boasts similar notes (like cedar), smelling just as good at the fraction of the price. What’s more, the Detox Market’s soap is a sustainable option. It comes in a glass jar and can be re-filled in-store.” —Renée, digital editor

Detox Mode Impossible Soap, $30 refills available in store for $25, thedetoxmarket.ca

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Best Beauty Products of 2020 | Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primer - Illuminating
Image Credit: Laura Mercier

A primer with (skin-care) benefits

“This primer is lightweight and moisturizing and gives my skin a beautiful glow. It creates the perfect canvas for my other products.” —Lisa, production manager

Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primer – Illuminating, $50, sephora.com

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Best Beauty Products of 2020 | Dermalogica Active Clay Cleanser
Photo Credit: Dermalogica

A cleanser that’ll help minimize pores

“Every product in my skin-care regimen is Dermalogica. So, naturally, I couldn’t wait to test out this new clay cleanser, which contains prebiotics to help balance oily skin. For two months, I’ve incorporated this product into my nightly skin-care routine. I’ve noticed my pores (especially in the nose region) are less prominent and my skin is less oily.

What I also really love about this product is that it doubles as a face mask. I like to apply a thin layer to my face and leave it on for 10 minutes; my skin is left feeling soft and revitalized after every use.” —Alyssa, assistant digital editor

Active Clay Cleanser, $55, dermalogica.ca

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Best Beauty Products of 2020 | The Detox Market Reusable Rounds
Image Credit: The Detox Market

Eco-friendly makeup remover wipes that’ll prevent breakouts

“Reusable makeup remover wipes are nothing new, but these ones aren’t like the others. They’re super soft and gentle and are labelled with each day of the week. This makes it easy to remember to replace your wipe every day, eliminating the risk of bacteria accumulating on it, which can lead to breakouts.” —Renée, digital editor

Reusable Rounds, $25, thedetoxmarket.ca

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Best Beauty Products of 2020 | Innersense Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner
Photo Credit: Innersense

A leave-in conditioner that acts as a detangler for curly hair

“I spritz this product throughout my hair when I get out of the shower, and it allows me to brush through my long, tangled strands with ease. My natural curls dry smooth, bouncy, and frizz-free.”  —Alyssa, assistant digital editor

Innersense Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner, $32, thedetoxmarket.ca

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Best Beauty Products of 2020 | Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette
Photo Credit: Charlotte Tilbury

An eyeshadow palette fit for an effortless French girl look

“This fuss-free, four-shade palette came out in 2018, but the collection was extended this year to include a larger range of colours. My favourite is Pillow Talk—it offers a dreamy, barely-there feel. I like to pair it with a quick swipe of mascara and a red lip for a classic French girl look.” —Renée, digital editor

Luxury Palette, $66, charlottetilbury.com

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Best Beauty Products of 2020 | L’Oréal Paris Bambi Eye Mascara
Photo Credit: L’Oréal Paris

A mascara that delivers a natural doe-eyed effect

“Picky when it comes to my lashes, I only use mascara that looks really natural on my eyes. That means no clumping, no two-coat minimum, no flaking, and definitely no false-lash drama. This new mascara from L’Oréal Paris gives my lashes an instant, natural lift. The wand’s short bristles effortlessly grip and separate lashes for a wide-eyed look that stays put all day.” —Alyssa, assistant digital editor

L’Oréal Paris Bambi Eye Mascara, $14, Shoppers Drug Mart

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