May’s Buzziest New Beauty Products You’ll Want to Try

From bright new nail polish shades to a coffee face scrub, here are 11 of our fave new beauty products.

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Courtesy of Bite

Bite Beauty Daycation Whipped Cream Blush

While of course I love all my children, this luminous longwearing blush is definitely my beauty crush of the month. The super-light but buildable cream formula really gives you that just-got-back-from-vacation glow even though you’ve been locked in your house for a year, and you can also use it on your eyelids for a shimmery wash of colour. The vegan and cruelty-free formula comes in pearly light pink, warm bronze, glow-y peach and radiant berry shades. A bit pricier than your drugstore blush, but it’s so concentrated that just a dab’ll do ya so it will last.


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Courtesy of Vichy

Vichy Dercos Hair Loss Ampoules

You’ve heard about caring for the skin on your face ad nauseum (so-wee), but what about the skin on your scalp? Making sure your scalp skin is healthy not only helps treat complaints like itching, it also helps treat thinning hair. If your hair follicles have stronger skin to lay anchor in that means stronger hair. Vichy’s new super-sciencey looking—I mean, who doesn’t love a ampoule?— hair-loss treatment regime helps reinforce the scalp barrier and encourages hair growth with a combination of anti-inflammatory properties and anti-hair loss molecule Aminexil. Use it every day for six weeks on wet or dry hair and then three times a week over three months for maintenance. Okay for sensitive scalps, too.

$74.95 for 21 x 6ml,

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Courtesy of NYX

NYX Lip Lingerie XXL Matte Liquid Lipstick

It’s still that #masklife, so I’m always on the lookout for a good stay-on lip colour. While NYX isn’t usually a go-to brand for the over-40 crowd, I’ve been wearing their new saturated nude shades—think dusty pinks, matte berries and light browns—of liquid lipstick on repeat, earning them a permanent spot in my long-wear lipstick drawer.


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Courtesy of CND

CND Summer Chic City Collection

With most nail salons still closed, we’ve all become masters of—or, in my case, still barely competent at—the at-home mani. Spice up your sad paws with six new juicy shades of CND’s Vinylux longwear polish. Some orange “Popsicle Picnic” or bright blue “Museum Meet Cute” anyone? Don’t mind if I do.


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Tata Harper
Courtesy of Tata Harper

Tata Harper Superkind Collection

Have you ever heard of “extremophiles”—the super-resilient plants that are able to adapt and survive in often otherwise uninhabitable environments? Well, the new Tata Harper Superkind collection for sensitized skin—which includes a cleanser, radiance mask and a moisturizer—is full of them. The trio is all about maintaining your skin barrier while simultaneously being free of 75 common skin triggers like fragrance, essential oils and even wheat, gluten, tree nuts or soy. The vegan and hypoallergenic natural formula is packaged in beautiful light green glass bottles that make your bathroom cabinet look way fancier than it feels.


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Drunk Elephant
Courtesy of Drunk Elephant

Drunk Elephant Sugared Koffie Almond Milk Scrub

Trying to quit coffee? Sounds terrible! But if you love that sweet morning coffee aroma you can still get it in your shower with this Sugared Koffie Almond Milk Scrub, which smells exactly as yummy as it sounds. A blend of moisturizing plant oils, roasted and powdered coffee beans and brown sugar crystals make it sweet and rich with no added fragrances or potentially allergy-triggering essential oils. Almost good enough to drink.


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Courtesy of Matrix

Matrix Unbreak My Blonde

Blondes don’t always have more fun, especially if they were born more of a Veronica than a Betty, ya’ know what I’m saying? This new collection includes a shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment and targets the hair damage that many blondes experience. It’s supercharged with citric acid (that’s lemons to those of us who failed Grade 10 chemistry) and helps revive overprocessed locks.


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Courtesy of Caudalie

Caudalie Vinosource-Hydra Grape Water Moisturizer

This beloved French skincare brand has come out with a new gel moisturizer for people with sensitive skin. The new juicy water-based moisturizer, made with 98% natural origin ingredients including organic grape water and organic aloe, strengthens the skin barrier and hydrates without leaving you feeling greasy.


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Laura Mercier
Courtesy of Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free

You know how everyone keeps going on about the no-makeup makeup trend? Laura Mercier started it all with her iconic tinted moisturizer that doubled as skincare back in the 90s. That famous formulation (I’m wearing it as I type, no joke) does a lot of magical skin blurring while providing just a hint of shimmery colour, but it didn’t always work as well for people with oilier skin. Enter this new oil-free iteration, which has more of a matte finish but still keeps your skin looking, like, well, skin!


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Courtesy of Moroccan Oil

Moroccan Oil Limited-Edition Dry Shampoo XL

Not that my hair is actually a blinding white underneath all that black hair dye or anything, but when faced with my fourth day of un-shampooed hair plus some blinding white roots (how did THOSE get there? I’ve been hacked!) I often wonder why I have to use a dry shampoo and a root cover-up spray to continue looking exactly like Gal Gadot. So you can imagine my excitement when Moroccan Oil stole my idea and created Dry Shampoo for Dark Tones, and my even bigger excitement when they announced they’re releasing a limited-edition mega-sized version—300mL for the same price as the usual 205mL can. It also comes in Light Tones.


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Fenty Beauty
Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty Bright Fix Eye Brightener

Nothing ruins your no-makeup makeup look than cakey under-eye concealer. People often make the mistake of just packing on more thick concealer only to watch it crack and settle into fine lines. The key—and trust me when I say I have changed at least five of my friend’s makeup lives forever with this beauty truth—is layering a colour correcting shade that helps offset the purple-y look of dark circles underneath your concealer. Fenty’s new lightweight, longwear eye brightener collection is all about giving you hydrating and blurring coverage without looking as if you’ve primed yourself like a paint job gone wrong, and comes complete with four colour correcting shades. Choose Rose Quartz, a cool pink, for light skin tones; Butter, a soft yellow, for light medium to medium tones; Peach for light medium to medium deep and Pumpkin, an orange, for medium deep to deep skin tones.


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