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The Best Lip Balms with SPF

Lips have especially thin and sensitive skin, so they're one area you should pay extra special attention to when it comes to sun.

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Best moisturizing

Although our priority is protection, it’s never a bad idea to keep your lips nourished. Look for a lip balm with SPF that also happens to know how to take care of your lips. Look for products made with moisturizing ingredients like vitamin E and Shea butter. For rich moisture, try The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care SPF 15, an intense moisture serum for the lips. We also love Sun Bum SPF 30 Coconut Lip Balm for deep moisture with that summery, vacation feel of coconut.

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lip balm with SPFMatthew Cohen/

Best tinted

If you’re going to have pouty, nourished lips, you might as well throw in a little colour. Tinted lip balm means high-pigment payoff in addition to SPF protection. Jane Iredale Flirt LipDrink SPF 15 Lip Balm comes in four shades, from sheer to deep nude. If you’re looking for the perfect rose hue, try babo botanicals Seka Rose Mineral Sunscreen for a lip that’s just pink enough. Want to make your own? Try our four-ingredient lip tint recipe.

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Best natural

Natural beauty lovers know there’s something extra invigorating about using a product you know is cruelty-free and beneficial for your skin. Made from mineral sunscreen yet somehow still managing a rich colour payoff is COOLA Mineral LipLux SPF 30 Purple Sky.

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Best anti-aging

Judging by the staggering rise in lip injections, we have a feeling that most of you care about how your lips look. Opt for an anti-aging lip sunscreen to help keep those fine lines at bay—epicuren Anti-Aging Balm SPF 15 is formulated with goodness like tea tree oil, cocoa butter, and Shea and sunflower oil. 

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Best budget pick

For a product that just works, it doesn’t hurt to go back to basics. Palmer’s Original Ultra Moisturizing lip protectant is SPF 15 and costs less than $2. Coppertone Sport Sunscreen for lips is SPF 30 and available at local drugstore. There’s pretty much no reason not to have one of these lip balms with SPF in your bag right now.

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Best for preventing cold sores

If you have dry, flaky lips that court cold sores, opt for a lip balm with SPF that will keep your pout in check. Carmex Daily Care SPF 15 comes in a citrus flavour that will cheer you up even when you’re fighting a cold sore. For lips in need of extra love, Nivea Recovery Medicated Lip Care SPF 15 is here to heal.

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Best purchase with a purpose

Lip products are among the most cost-effective beauty products out there, so it’s even better when brands decide to keep our lips protected for a good cause. A great lip balm with SPF that also supports a good cause is Kiehl’s Butterstick Treatment Lip Duo, which comes with two lip treatments and donates 100 percent of net profits to benefit breast cancer education and awareness. If nature is more your thing, try Burt’s Bees All Weather SPF 15, which helps honeybee health and biodiversity. 

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Best splurge

If you have a kissable night ahead, it pays to prep with a lip you’ll truly love. Dior Addict Lip Glow Balm comes in four satiny shades and combines that special “don’t my lips look good” glow with SPF 10. But if you’re looking for something more sheer, Marc Jacobs Beauty Lip Lock Moisture Balm is a lip-perfecting moisturizer that will keep you looking kiss-worthy all beach day at SPF 18.

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lip balm with SPFMatthew Cohen/

Best cult favourite

Some lip products stand the test of time for a reason: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 has long been a fan favourite, and you can find it in different hues, limited editions, bright coloured packaging, and more. In their classic spheres, eos manages to combine portability with kissability. The Eos Active Protection SPF 30 is also waterproof, you know, in case of underwater makeout sesh.

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