An Easy, Glitzy Eye to Wear Over Your Mask When You Need a Pick-Me-Up

Why not bring a little extra sparkle to life at home?

With masks continuing to be a mandatory accessory for the foreseeable future, a bold lip will remain under wraps. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still have some fun with makeup.

Glitzy eye makeup may seem like a tough look to master, but it’s actually pretty simple to pull off. And it’s more wearable than you think – totally appropriate for a Zoom cocktail party. We asked makeup artist Sheri Stroh for her top tips for a no-fail fun eye makeup look.

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holiday eye with face maskImage Credit: Antonett Ewan

1. Line ’em up!

Don’t let eyeliner intimidate you. You don’t have to be a pro at creating a high-drama cat eye to pull off more defined peepers, says Stroh. The secret is to keep the look soft — blend, blend, blend. “Kohl pencils that are easy to smudge really make it simple,” she says. You can dot the liner along your lash line or quickly swipe it across, and then use your ring finger or a small makeup brush to blend it in. “You don’t have to worry about being super accurate because you’re going to blend it all out anyway,” says Stroh.

“If you want to really define your eyes, you can use kohl pencil along the waterline, which is inside the eye, as well,” she says. To up the drama, swap basic brown or black for a metallic or jewel tone. If you have green eyes, plum, burgundy and purple will really make them stand out. Tones of bronze and copper will make blue eyes pop. “And brown eyes can really get away with anything,” says Stroh.

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holiday eye with face mask | Burt's Bees eyeliner in bronzeImage Credit: Burt's Bees

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holiday eye with face maskImage Credit: Antonett Ewan

2. Make a shadow

“Most people get so intimidated by eyeshadows,” says Stroh. “They just buy a palette and don’t know where to start with it.” If you don’t usually wear a lot of eye makeup, swap powder shadows for user-friendly cream eye shadows, which are easier to apply.

Shades like brown, bronze and champagne work on all skin tones. Start by tapping a bit of cream shadow along the lash line, and then use your ring finger or a medium-size crease brush to blend it upward. “You want to use a back-and-forth movement, like a windshield wiper,” says Stroh. Repeat the process on the lower lash line for added definition. “You’re basically creating a halo effect around your eyes,” she says.

For a more dramatic look, dab some gold, silver or copper over the middle of your lids for extra sparkle. “That will really make them pop,” says Stroh.

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holiday eye with face mask | Charlotte Tilbury walk of no shame potImage Credit: Charlotte Tilbury

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holiday eye with face maskImage Credit: Antonett Ewan

3. Lash out

Since you’ve used more neutral tones on your lids, you could pump up the colour by layering a jewel-tone mascara on your lashes to coordinate with your liner, says Stroh. “I love burgundy, electric blue and emerald green mascaras,” she says. “They can definitely be a strong look.”

Keep in mind, though, that a coloured mascara won’t overly define your lashes. “If you like the look of full lashes, you might want to go back to black or even brown,” she says. To give them more oomph, go for a full-volume mascara and consider opting for a waterproof formula too. “Wearing a mask is hot and things are maybe smudging or flaking a bit more,” says Stroh. This will help keep your makeup in place, no matter how you’re celebrating this season.

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