Our best healthy maple syrup recipes

Make the most of Canada’s favourite food with these healthy recipes using maple syrup

Our best healthy maple syrup recipes

Source: Web exclusive: March 2010

Spiced Cherry Maple Carrots
Plain carrots become an elegant side dish with cherries, maple syrup, nutmeg and ginger.

Maple Baked Salmon with Chopped Almonds
The delectable flavour of baked salmon marinated with sweet maple dressing and topped with almonds makes this dish taste so good it will definitely become a mealtime staple.

Caramelized Apple Crêpes with Maple Syrup
If you don’t have maple syrup, top the caramelized apple crêpes with honey, which is available locally in most places.

Maple Cinnamon Roasted Almonds
These roasted almonds, flavoured with sweet maple syrup and spicy cinnamon, are quick and easy to prepare and taste delicious.

Orange-Maple Sweet Potatoes
Try this method of cooking sweet potatoes and you’ll discover how subtly delicious they are. Here, they are glossed with an orange-maple glaze. Beta carotene and fibre are the sweet potato’s secret weapons against heart disease.

Apple-Walnut Pancakes with Spelt
Bring your family together on the weekend with homemade spelt pancakes that blend the best flavours of Canada’s changing seasons: crisp, sweet apples and real maple syrup.

Nutty Breakfast Parfait
Prepare the granola ahead of time and then simply add the yogurt and fresh fruit when you’re ready to eat.

Tangy Roasted Beet & Walnut Salad
Roasted beets are combined with spicy arugula, crisp fennel and sweet orange segments, sprinkled with walnuts and tossed with a maple infused dressing.

Apple and Hazelnut Drop Scones
Drop scones are an almost instant snack or breakfast treat. The thick batter is made by simply stirring together a few basic pantry ingredients, and the scones cook in minutes. Here they are flavoured with diced apple and toasted hazelnuts. Top with a little light maple syrup and enjoy warm from the pan.

Warm Sweet Potato and Kale Salad
Delight your palate with this warm sweet potato and kale salad, featuring a tangy red wine vinaigrette to balance the tartness of kale and the sweetness of the sweet potatoes.

Light Cream Cheese, Banana and Coconut Pain Perdu
Pain perdu, which is the French name for French toast, is a great brunch treat or a surprising dinner party dessert. Caramelizing the bananas gives a texture and flavour variation that elevates this everyday fruit.

Vegan and Dairy-Free Fig and Raspberry Rice Pudding
A warm and luscious fig and raspberry compote tops this cinnamon and lemon infused rice pudding for the perfect dairy-free and vegan after-dinner treat.

Spicy Jamaican Barbecued Chicken
Because the flavour of chicken is mild, it benefits from a tasty baste when barbecued or broiled, such as in this recipe for spicy Jamaican barbecued chicken. Basting also helps to keep the outside from burning until the chicken is cooked through’especially when cooking over charcoal.

Dairy-Free Chocolate Mousse
Cutting out dairy doesn’t have to mean cutting out delicious, decadent desserts. Use the highest-quality dark chocolate for the best flavour in this tofu-based chocolate mousse.

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