8 Yoga Moves to Boost Your Energy (1/10)

Our tailored yoga workout is an amazing way to gain strength and look toned. The bonus? These 8 yoga poses will boost your energy

yoga for energy

How yoga energizes

With errands to run, family to visit and parties to go to in the coming weeks, in addition to wanting to look your best you’ll need all the oomph you can muster. A great solution? Yoga. Yes, it’s known for its soothing effects, but it can also help tone and energize. So we asked Vancouverite Wade Imre Morissette, the author of Transformative Yoga, to design a routine especially for Best Health readers that will tone muscles and boost energy.

Yoga’s uplifting benefits start with doing gentle back bends, such as Extended Mountain, Upward Dog and Bridge, says Morissette (fact: he’s the twin brother of pop singer Alanis). “Extending the spine opens, or stretches, tight chest muscles. When your chest opens up, you breathe more freely to optimally fill your lungs.” This deep breathing fosters mental alertness and physical energy.

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