5 Simple Stretches to Ease an Aching Back (1/7)

Your aching back! The majority of adults will experience some degree of back pain during their lives. Here’s help

stretches-for-aching-backKim Jeffery

Stretch to Reduce Back Pain

The best ways to deal with an aching back include minimizing bedrest, exercising, maintaining good posture and strengthening your core.

When you take time to strengthen the muscles that support the spine and stretch the muscles that are pulling on the spine, you can help ease lower back pain and even prevent it altogether.

With this plan, it’s key to keep a timer near you so that you know when to move on to the next stretch. You also want to be conscious of “bracing the core” – keeping deep torso muscles in a position that will enhance spine alignment and posture. The easiest way to brace is to draw the belly button in toward the spine. Be sure to maintain regular breathing – no holding it in when you’re exerting yourself.

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