9 ways to boost your immunity (1/11)

Brace yourself for cold and flu season by boosting your immune system with these healthy habits


Prevent colds and flu this winter

Researchers at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York have discovered why we’re more susceptible to flu viruses over the frigid months. The microscopic organisms live longer in cold and dry conditions, giving them a better shot at being passed around in tiny drops of water in the air. And with more than 200 viruses causing the common cold, we’re all likely to run into at least a few of them this coming winter.

"A few key prevention strategies will go a long way," says Dr. Pierre Plourde, medical officer of health with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. Recent research shows that some of the most promising ways to ensure a healthy immune system aren’t the old standbys. Here’s how to survive the season.

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