Cozy Comfort Food Recipes You Can Actually Feel Good About Eating (1/6)

Cozy up on a cold winter night with these healthy comfort food recipes

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Healthy Comfort Food Recipes

It’s no wonder that steaming stews and cozy casseroles are seasonal favourites. At this time of year, we all crave meals that will warm us up when the mercury dips. Your favourite winter comfort foods may often involve heavy meats, sauces and cheeses, but they don’t have to be calorie bombs. With the right ingredients, some can even rev up your metabolism. Abbey Sharp, registered dietitian and owner of Abbey’s Kitchen, shares her top five foods (and recipes!) to heat up your winter and boost your health.

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Sky High Chicken and Vegetable Pie

This savoury chicken pie recipe is a one-stop meal, with vegetables, grains and protein all in one dish. Serve with a leafy green salad for the healthiest dinner, and pack leftovers for lunch.


Beef Pot Pie

For this recipe, choose a tender, lean cut of beef so the cooking time will be short. While pot pie usually has a pie-pastry top, I used phyllo to cut back on fat and calories.